Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

If you're one of those lucky people who have a summer birthday, you're probably already considering what kind of fun and new things ...

If you're one of those lucky people who have a summer birthday, you're probably already considering what kind of fun and new things you can do for your next party. Throwing a summer birthday party is great because you can take advantage of the good weather and fun summer activities that are only available this time of the year. Get creative with your ideas and throw a birthday party your friends won't forget!

The Classic Summer Party With A Twist:

The classic summer birthday party takes advantage of the good weather with a beach, pool, or outdoor party. Check out some of these ideas to get you started.
Use your pool or a friend's pool to host your party. Go all out with decorations. Choose a color palette and buy lots of balloons, inflatable pool toys, chairs, and towels in those colors to decorate. Make sure they are summery colors like pink and orange. Give gift bags to your guests with flip-flops, a towel, and a hat in your palette colors. Hire a caterer or bartender to make your party really special, or just have fun with a traditional backyard grill.
Do a beach party. If you have one near you, set up some carpools to get people there or consider renting a party bus. Try to arrive early with coolers of drinks, grills for food, and a volleyball net. Try to pick an area with a fire pit that you all can use as the evening gets cooler. Pack some cute mini bottles of champagne to make sure there is a birthday toast by the end of the night!
Have a backyard BBQ or potluck. For a special twist on the tradition, choose a theme for your dishes like Southern comfort food or Malibu cocktail party. Choose drinks and dishes to prepare that match this theme and ask your guests to observe the theme, too. Be sure your decorations should match your party theme idea!

Destination Birthday Party:

Organize something really special by planning a trip or a big event for your birthday party. Not as many people will be able to attend an event like this, so these kinds of trips would be a good opportunity for the person who likes a party with just a few close friends.
If you live far away from the beach, go to the closest beach and rent a beach condo, or plan a more ambitious trip to a beach or summer destination you've always wanted to visit.
Go hiking. Though summer hikes can get very hot, if you plan carefully, there are some destinations that are great for summer hikes. Especially if you live in an area like upstate New York where the days stay a bit cool and most hikes end with a swimming opportunity, this could be a great way to get your friends and family out into nature.
Think of a summer activity you've always wanted to try like surfing, swimming with dolphins or jet skiing and plan a trip around that activity.
Go nostalgic and think of some of your favorite summertime activities from years past. Take your friends to a sporting event, your favorite amusement park, the zoo, an outdoor movie, or a summer concert, for example.

Throw A Non-Traditional Party:

One great way to make an impression on friends and family is to throw a party that is really unusual. Consider some of these ideas!
Have an out-of-season party. This could be something like a Halloween party in July or an ugly Christmas sweater party in August.
Have an 80's or 90's dance party night and encourage your friends to dress the part. Hire a DJ and turn your living room and/or backyard area into a dance floor.
Visit a unique location in your own area like a paintball range, a rock climbing wall, a trampoline house, a walk-through haunted house, etc.

The Key To A Great Summer Birthday:

Make sure both you and your guests have a great time that doesn't require too much stress or pressure. While it's great to do something big for your birthday, it's important that everyone still has a good time and doesn't feel stressed. So make sure to take an easy-going attitude and just encourage everyone to hang out and have fun in the spirit of summer!

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