Safety Tips To Protect Yourself During An Earthquake

Natural calamities are part of the living world and little can be done about stopping them from occurring. And the worst thing is that none ...

Natural calamities are part of the living world and little can be done about stopping them from occurring. And the worst thing is that none of the calamities come with an announcement beforehand. The suddenness of natural disasters is one of the biggest reasons for casualties. It is evident from the recent earthquakes that have shook parts of India and Nepal. But now that we are aware that such events can happen anytime and anywhere, it is best to be prepared and be aware of the necessary actions we can take to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible. So without any further delay, let us look at a list of safety tips during an earthquake that will ensure our safety from one of the roughest natural calamities.

1. Act Quickly

It is important to sense the occurrence of an earthquake and act as fast as you can. Often people are so dumbfounded when they begin to feel light tremors that they freeze and fail to act. This results in loss of valuable time that can be used for taking the safety measures.

2. Don't Panic

When everything around you is shaking, it is very easy to give in to fear and panic, but it will only make matters worse. So keep your calm and quickly think up on the next set of actions that are necessary to reach a point of safety. If you don't panic, you can think better and rescue yourself & others faster.

3. Lodge Yourself Under A Strong Shelter

If you are inside a closed space like home or office during an earthquake, quickly search for something hardy; a big sturdy desk, a wooden table, etc. If nothing can be found, stand against a wall; the objective here is to protect the body from falling objects.

4. Turn Off The Gas

In case you are cooking and you feel the slightest tremor, turn off the stove and the main switch of the gas cylinder. A fire in the middle of a quake can be far more dangerous than the earthquake itself.

5. Run To A Wide Open Space

If you are outside and you sense an earthquake, rush to the nearest empty area available. This is to make sure that you don't come in the way of falling trees, buildings, power lines and poles.

6. Turn Off The Main Switch

Try as much as possible to cut-off all sources of electricity at home. Switch off the mains if you can. This will prevent any mishap due to short circuit or power overload.

7. Stay Away From Easily Breakable Objects

Always try to be away from mirrors, fireplaces, heavy wall hangings, glass panes etc. These objects may break due to an earthquake and the sharp broken pieces may fly at you and injure you if you don't stay away from them.

8. Slow Down & Then Stop

In case you are driving when the earthquake strikes, don't come to a sudden halt. It may cause an accident and lead to greater damages. First reduce your speed and then find a clearance to stop somewhere at the roadside. Park your car away from under or overpasses or a bridge. Stay away from power lines, trees and construction areas. Remain within the protection of your car once you find a clear space.

9. Do Not Use Elevators

If you think elevators can make your escape easy, think again. It is definitely not a good option to use them during the time of an earthquake. Moreover, they may not even work at that time. So, always take the steps to save yourselves.

10. Educate Yourself About Safety Measures

As stated earlier, an earthquake will not come knocking on your door. It can barge in anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the best bet is to be well-educated about the measures to be taken during and after an earthquake.

Preparation is the key to keep yourself and your family safe from this calamity. Stay safe and let's pray for all the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. These tips are so important especially after the recent disaster in Nepal. Though its tough to act in such situation, I hope we don't panic and act to save ourselves as much as we can.

  2. Sad to see the beautiful nation facing the wrath of nature. Nice post Kriti :)


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