How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail polish adds a glamor to our nails making them look bright and colorful. From kids to elders, everyone loves nail colors. Women spend a ...

Nail polish adds a glamor to our nails making them look bright and colorful. From kids to elders, everyone loves nail colors. Women spend a lot of money for manicures and love painting their nails with beautiful colors. Unfortunately, for most of us the nail polish disappears in no time. We experience problems like nail breaking, chipping and color fading. No matter how many coats of nail polish you apply, it is not easy to have your nail color stay steady on your nails. It does go off in few days and sometimes it starts fading and chipping in just two days time. To avoid this, we have come up with some ideas which can make your nail polish last longer. Take a look!

1. Go For Short Nails

The longer your nails are, the difficult it is to manage them. Long nails are prone to breakage and chipping than short nails. Also, you tend to use long nails for opening bottle caps leading to damage of your nails. That is not going to happen if you have short nails. Hence, this is a means to keep your nail polish stay for a long time. The results will surely be in your favor.

2. File Your Nails In One Direction Only

Pay special attention when filing your nails. Do not file them in all directions randomly. Make sure you file it along one direction making the tip of the nails smooth. In case of any irregular edges, file them carefully till it gets even.

3. Soak Nails In Cuticle Oil Instead Of Water

One thing everyone goes through in a manicure is soaking of nails in water. It is assumed that the nails absorb water and get enlarged which makes them look better. In reality, this is not true. Though they do get puffed up initially, they do go back to their normal self quickly. So there is no point in soaking the nails in water. Instead, opt for cuticle oil as it helps strengthen the nails.

4. Thin Coats Work Better

Yet another wrong assumption about nail polish is that thick coat is going to last longer. Always apply 3 thin coats rather than applying 2 thick coats. Thick coats leave streaks, bubbles, smudges and also take a long time to dry. On the other hand, thin nail polish coats take less time to dry and stay longer on the nails.

5. Invest In Good Base Coat & Top Coat

Prep you nail for the nail polish using a base coat. It helps to provide a smooth base and also protects the nail bed from dark colors of the nail polish. After applying the nail polish, go for a top coat as it adds shine and protection to the nail color. It is suggested to invest in a reputed brand for both base coat and top coat.

6. Shimmering Nail Colors Last Longer

It is a known fact that any nail polish with shimmers in it is hard to remove. The hidden reality is shimmering nail polish lasts longer than normal nail polish. So if you dream of having perfectly well-painted nails for about a week or more, do opt for shimmer nail colors.

7. Seal The Edges Properly

Be it using your phone keys or typing on a keyboard, we use a lot of our fingertips. This makes the edges of the nails start breaking or chipping. To secure them, it is important to seal the edges of the nails well. When applying the base coat, nail polish and top coat, make sure to cover the free edges of your nail properly.

8. Be Patient & Let It Dry Completely

The two minutes we wait while allowing the nails to dry feels like two hours. Even then, be patient and allow it to dry completely before you proceed with your daily chores. When applying 2-3 coats of nail polish, allow each coat to dry and then proceed with the next coat application. This way the polish spreads neatly and stays long.

9. Use Gloves While Washing Dishes

The more your hand is exposed to water, the more your nails get weak and start chipping. Especially when washing dishes, chances of breakage are more. So it is best to use hand gloves while washing dishes or clothes. Try to minimize the nails from water absorption while washing your body and hair as well.

10. Maintain Your Nails Health & Hygiene

Last but not the least, maintain good fingernails hygiene. Always keep them neat and clean. Use a good moisturizer on a daily basis. If you have any health issues which is making your nails break, you can consult your doctor and take vitamin supplements like Biotin for healthy nails.

Do try these simple techniques which will make your nail polish last longer. Now proceed with painting your nails with your favorite color!

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