DIY: How To Make Matte Top Coat For Nails

Whenever we talk about perfectly manicured nails we think of beautiful colors oozing out tremendous ...

Whenever we talk about perfectly manicured nails we think of beautiful colors oozing out tremendous shine. Perfect nails can be achieved with shiny nail paints. Glossy nail paints look awesome on nails. But sometimes we need to go out of the box and try something unique. You must have heard of the matte nails trend ruling the fashion world. People are getting bored of the glossy ones. Matte nails were seen rocking the fashion world at the backstage of the spring summer fashion shows. There are many ways we can sport this look. Either we can buy good matte nail paint like Faces Matte Nail Enamel or a matte top coat like the Essie Matte About You Top Coat. But why just burn a hole in your pocket when you can create perfect matte nails at home right from the scratch. Today I bring for you all an easy and super simple DIY trick to make matte top coat for nails at home. This trick can give a regular nail color with a matte finish just by applying a matte top coat prepared all by yourself.

Things You Will Need:
  • Any clear top coat
  • Corn starch
  • A funnel or a paper folded in the form of a cone


Start off by putting the funnel over the bottle opening of the top coat. If you don't have a funnel just fold a small piece of paper in the form of a cone so that it has a small hollow mouth.

Start pouring little quantities of the corn starch over the funnel into the top coat. The quantity of the corn starch depends on the consistency you wish to acquire. Keep pouring till you get a milky liquid.

Shake the bottle well. You have to shake it a lot in order to prevent any lumps. Let the top coat settle for 24 hours before using it.

Paint your nails with your favorite color. Let it dry.

Apply your homemade matte top coat over your nail paint. Within few minutes you will have a brand new matte nail color on your nails. They will look matte and stay matte.

This is a super easy way of getting matte nails in a jiffy. You need not buy expensive matte top coats anymore. You can experiment with any nail color of your choice and get a new look on your nails every day. If you want to experiment something more, you can even apply the glossy nail color on your tips leaving the rest of the area matte.
In this way you can create unique nail art for yourself. I hope you liked this DIY. Enjoy your matte nails and let us know how you liked this idea.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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