How To Look Good When You Are Sick

You can get sick once in a while which may be difficult to avoid due to various climatic and body conditions. But looking sick is something ...

You can get sick once in a while which may be difficult to avoid due to various climatic and body conditions. But looking sick is something which can be evaded. Not every time you fall sick, you get the comfort of staying at home and relaxing. There might be times when you have to pull yourselves up and go to work in spite of your illness. You can still look your best even when you are dull and weak. Want to know how to make it happen? Here's what you can do.

1. Stay Hydrated Both Inside & Out

When you are sick, you will feel as if your entire energy is drained out. That is when you need more calories to function. It's important to keep yourself hydrated so that your condition improves. Drink lots of water and keep your body well-equipped with a continuous supply of fluids. At the same time, use a good moisturizer to keep your skin nourished and moisturized.

2. Use Right Tissues

Let's say you are having cold, cough and running nose problem. You will be needing a lot of tissues to blow your nose and get back to normal. Though we hardly care about what kind of tissues we use, they do play a major role in keeping you healthy and better looking. Try lotion treated tissues so that they can help you with a red nose and patchy skin problems during the times you are sick.

3. Treat Your Eye Problems

Sickness can lead to sleep deprivation leaving you with under eye bags or red eyes or puffy eyes. Eye bags can be eliminated with the help of tea bags.You can use specific eye drops to treat red eye problem. Puffy eyes can be dealt by sleeping with your head elevated. These simple tricks will help you overcome the eye problems when you are sick.

4. Cool Your Eye Cream & Apply It

The delicate skin around our eyes needs proper care. There are many eye creams available in the market to serve various needs.They help hydrate the area around eyes, tighten them and keep the skin healthy. It works best when the eye cream is cooled by keeping it in a refrigerator before use. The cool eye cream, when applied in the eye area, will be of great help to make your eyes look bright and beautiful.

5. Use Primer For The Makeup To Stay Long

When you are sick, try and make sure your makeup lasts a bit longer than always. You can master this situation by using the most effective face primer and eye primer to make your makeup last long. The primer will act as a perfect base and contributes to your pretty look.

6. Concealer Helps Hide The Red Nose

Redness around the nose is a common problem when one falls sick. All you need is a yellow-based concealer and concealer brush. Dab the concealer on the red areas of the nose and set it with a concealer brush. Finish it by applying a translucent powder. This will help cover the red nose problem and makes you look your best.

7. Apply Waterproof Mascara

If you are looking for wide, beautiful and bright eyes, mascara will be of great help. It helps curl your lashes, lifts them and gives that dramatic effect to your eyes. When you are sick, you might be prone to sneezing and coughing. This can melt your mascara and it can create a mess all over your eyes and face. So make sure you use a waterproof mascara to avoid melting issues.

8. Brighten Your Eyes With An Eye Shadow

Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to the eyes and draws everyone's attention to the eyes. To make your eyes stand out when you are suffering from ill health, apply suitable eye shadow and look attractive as always.

9. Do Not Use Too Much Face Makeup

Since dehydration is a possibility when you are sick, there are chances you will end up with a dry skin if you stick to the regular face makeup. Right now, all you need is a moisturizer and mineral foundation to conceal your dark spots and minor skin flaws. These products will help you with a nourished and moisturized skin.

10. Hide Flaky & Chapped Lips With A Lip Balm

Dry, flaky and chapped lips is a common experience when you fall sick. This can make your appearance really bad. To avoid this problem, use a toothbrush to scrub your lips to remove the dry and dead skin. Once done, apply a lip balm preferably with SPF and flaunt your soft kissable lips.

With all these tips, you now know how to look when you are sick. Take good care of your health and stay beautiful forever!

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