Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb Review

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like the fragrances, body lotions and body creams from Bath & Body Works . Recently, t...

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like the fragrances, body lotions and body creams from Bath & Body Works. Recently, they had 75% off on most products due to their annual sale. Though there are lots of BBW products in my beauty stash, I couldn't resist myself from shopping again. There I was, at the huge BBW annual sale and picked some amazing products for myself at the lowest prices I could ever imagine. One such purchase I made was Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb and the main reason for this purchase was, I wanted to try the shimmer range from BBW. In fact I never saw shimmers at the BBW store where I usually shop from. So this was definitely something I didn't want to miss buying this time. Its actual price is 14$ but due to the 75% off annual sale, I got it for 3.50$ only. The quantity and price were just too good to loose out on this deal and I am glad that I didn't let it go. To know the pros and cons of this shimmer, read on!

About Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb:

With an addictive combination of seductive and playfully delicious notes, our exclusive Velvet Sugar scent is the perfect pleasure.
Savor every moment as you indulge in this sweetly sumptuous blend of red velvet creme and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries. Too much is never enough.
Unleash your glamour and shine like a star with our dazzling, limited edition Shimmer Bomb:
Just a touch gives skin a brilliant bust of showstopping shimmer.
Leaves skin feeling silky soft with a sensual, aloe-infused formula that is pure luxury.


$14 for 6 fl oz/177 ml

Ingredients List:

My Experience With Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb:

The most attractive part of Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb is its packaging. It looks bright and vibrant, just like you would love your shimmer packing to be! I didn't think it was a shimmer at first because the store I visit never had any shimmers. The moment I realized it was a shimmer, I was super excited to try it out. This was my first shimmer from Bath & Body Works. The tube is pink in color and is transparent enough to know how the shimmer looks like. It has a flip cap which allows the required amount of shimmer to come out. But the flip cap was a bit loose for mine. Though I did not experience any leakage problem, I was not happy with the flip cap for this product. I am not sure if this happened only for my piece or for all.

The shimmer is light pink in color with lot of shimmer particles in it. I usually use body lotion for my hands and when I used this Shimmer Bomb I skipped the lotion part and used this directly. When dispensed, the aroma of the shimmer is quite strong. It has a very fruity fragrance, similar to that of strawberries and jasmine. The shimmer is gel like in consistency and once applied on the hands, the aroma reduces and fades away quickly. I wish at least a bit of its fragrance stayed for sometime, but alas! The shimmer spreads easily on the hand and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. The shimmers spread evenly and I like the fact that there are not too many shimmers. For people who prefer to have low shimmer look, this is a great buy. It is just perfect for a decent evening wear look.

The only disappointment with this shimmer is, it doesn't provide much nourishment to the skin the way other BBW body lotions and creams provide. As a shimmer, it works well. But if you are looking for a heavy shimmer, then this might not go great with you. I loved it and I hope to purchase more of them in future.

Pros Of Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb:
  • Beautiful and attractive packaging.
  • The quantity lasts for a long time.
  • Fruity fragrance resembling strawberries and jasmine.
  • Shimmer spreads easily and evenly on the skin.
  • The shimmer gel gets absorbed quickly and leaves a decent shimmery look.
  • Perfect for a decent evening wear.

Cons Of Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar Shimmer Bomb:
  • The flip cap was a bit loose.
  • People who prefer heavy shimmer will be disappointed.
  • Doesn't provide much nourishment to the skin.

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Final Note:

I love this shimmer in spite of its cons. I would love to explore more of shimmers from BBW. This is surely worth a try for everyone who loves a bit of shimmer look.


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