10 Essential Items For Your Hospital Maternity Bag

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in life, especially when it's your first one! Sometimes babies are ready to see the lig...

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in life, especially when it's your first one! Sometimes babies are ready to see the light of day before the predetermined due date given by the gynaecologist. Sometimes, the term may get over and the baby may decide to lie in the womb for a few days more. To cut the long story short, babies can be born anytime during the third trimester and it is best to be prepared. In the anticipation of your delivery, you may forget to pack the essentials for your hospital bag. Once in the hospital you may feel uncomfortable or go through unnecessary hassles because you don't have your essentials with you. There is no need to worry though as it is not a very long list. Read on to see what to pack for the hospital when you are going to deliver your baby.

1. Comfortable Clothing

Once the ordeal of giving birth is over, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few days depending upon your and the baby's health condition. It is a good idea to carry a few comfortable clothes just in case you are not comfortable in the uniform the hospital provides you.

2. Underwear & Nursing Bra

The hospital won't provide you with underwear, although the hospital gown will be provided by them. Also, once your baby is born you will have to nurse your newborn. It is a good idea to pack in some nursing bra for ease of breastfeeding, even with the bra on.

3. Nursing Accessories

Don't forget to pack in some breast pads, soothing breast cream, and feeding pillow. All these will help you with your new responsibility of feeding your newborn. Breastfeeding can be troublesome for some mothers initially. So it is best to be prepared with the necessary nursing supplies to make the process easy for you.

4. Sanitary Pads

You need to carry a good supply of these irrespective of whether you are planning on normal delivery or a C-section. Highly absorbent pads will be needed for at least a week after you give birth.

5. Toiletries

Not all hospitals carry your specific brands when it comes to bath and body needs. Therefore, it is best to throw in your shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap and even moisturizers into the maternity bag. You will feel better with your favorite toiletries at your disposal during your stay at the hospital.

6. Necessary Documents

In all the hurry to get to the hospital, do not forget to pack important documents like health card, ID proof, insurance plan, birth plan and so on. Arrange all the important documents beforehand so that you are not left feeling frustrated at the eleventh hour.

7. Outfits For Your Newborn

This is one thing that we often overlook - clothes for the newborn. When your baby is born, the hospitals provide just the basics to cover the baby and keep the little body warm. So if you want to dress your newborn in snuggly fitting comfortable clothes, especially for the homecoming, you need to pack in tiny clothes for your baby as well. Just because he or she is not born yet, don't forget the clothes!

8. Tools For Memory

You don't want to miss any moment of your beautiful entry into motherhood. So carry the necessary gadgets like a camera and video recorder with chargers, the baby book, memory diary and more so that each moment of this beautiful experience can be captured for life.

9. Money For Little Cravings

You need not carry a whole lot of money with you if you have your insurance plan in place and if you have your partner or family to support you during your hospital stay. However, a little cash is helpful if you want to indulge in the hospital cafe or the newborn store within the premises.

10. Some Form Of Engagement

You will not be allowed to stay with your newborn all the 24 hours of the day immediately after birth. There will be times when you will be all alone in your hospital room, just resting. There might also be a situation where you have to wait till the baby arrives. For such moments, pack in some books or magazines, load soothing music on your music device, or your favourite DVD's to keep you company during the lonely hours.

Apart from these essentials, you can pack in things like family photos, the idol of a god you worship and so on. Make sure your bag is packed beforehand so that you don't forget the essentials for your maternity bag at the last minute.

Take care and happy motherhood!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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