Sculpt Khaki Eye Makeup Tutorial

Few days back, the beauty world was stormed with the Lakme fashion week when they graciously launched the Sculpt fashion on day 2. Undoubted...

Few days back, the beauty world was stormed with the Lakme fashion week when they graciously launched the Sculpt fashion on day 2. Undoubtedly, I loved the Anamika Khanna sculpt looks as well as her creations. Few of the makeup looks were breathtaking in the show. A particular eye makeup look impressed me a lot where they gave a sculpted touch to a simple khaki eye makeup. I was anyways planning for a khaki eye makeup tutorial but decided to go for the sculpted one. This eye makeup isn't subtle but an apt one for big occasions. This eye makeup can go with a peach or orange lip color and contoured cheeks. So, let's see how to create this look.

Products Used:
  • Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Quartet
  • Elle 18 Kajal
  • Claire Highlighter
  • Sleek Primer Palette
  • Brown/Taupe Shadow
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Tools Used:
  • Zoeva Blending Brush.
  • Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Brush
  • Vega Smudger Brush

Step By Step Procedure:

Conceal your eyes using a light-weight concealer. I have used Lakme Absolute and set it with a yellow-toned concealing powder.

Line both upper and inner lids with black kohl. This step helps in giving a deep look to the eye makeup. I have used Elle 18 kajal for eyes.

Apply a khaki green/green/transparent primer onto the eyelids and simply pat them with your finger to spread it evenly. I have used pearl green shade from the Sleek Primer Palette.

Take an olive green khaki eyeshadow or pigment and with the help of the finger pat on the lids up to the crease. Create one or more layers to deepen the color. I have used a khaki green for the Tanjore rush palette of Lakme.

Take grey/light plum/light brown color and start softening the khaki color towards the outer crease. I have used taupe brown color to merge the khaki.

Use a shimmery highlighter to highlight the brow bone. Make sure all the colors are merged properly and there are no harsh lines in the crease. Apply the khaki color along the lower lash with the smudged kajal.

Take a golden color and apply in the inner corner to widen the eyes. Drag the gold color in the lower lash to merge with the khaki color.

Take a business card and hold it angularly touching the end of your brow. Apply any dark brown/black/green color and apply to the outer crease to create a winged shadow look. This shadow look helps in giving the sculpt look for the eyes.

Fill the brows and apply loads and loads of mascara to add volume to the lashes.

The final look is here!

Do let us know your view on the khaki eye makeup look!

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Beautiful eyes and very well explained Salomi

  2. It looks beautiful Salomi:) i am very bad at eye makeup but still will try..

    1. Just try na.. I'm sure you will develop the skill soon..


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