How To Get The Perfect Pout

No matter how beautiful your facial features are, thin lips can be a hindrance to your pretty face. It is the desire of every woman to have ...

No matter how beautiful your facial features are, thin lips can be a hindrance to your pretty face. It is the desire of every woman to have pouty lips. But not everyone is blessed with the perfect pout. For all such beauties, routine beauty care and makeup tricks can do the work. Beauty regime which includes exfoliation and moisturization of the lips contributes to pouty lips and makeup tricks can transform even the thinnest lips to a perfect pout. So let's see how to get the perfect pout!

Exfoliation Is The Start:

Removing the dry skin from your lips can result in a great look. Take a lip scrub available in the market or make one at home using brown sugar and honey. Rub it on your lips till the dead skin loosens. Leave it on for a while and wash your lips. Once you are relieved from the dry and dead skin, you will have better-looking lips.

Moisturize For Kissable Lips:

Soft and kissable lips - that is what everyone needs. Proper moisturization of the lips is as important as moisturizing the body. Get rid of the habit of licking your lips and drink lots of water to keep your lips moisturized. Apply a lip balm with SPF, preferably non-tinted and non-flavored. Especially overnight, make sure you apply lip balm to wake up to smooth and moisturized lips the next day.

Simple Lip Exercises Help A Lot:
  • Pose as if you are kissing someone and stay that way for 10 seconds. Repeat it few times each day.
  • Keep your lips and teeth together. Give a wide smile without opening your lips and wait for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times for pouty lips.
  • Who doesn't love birthday cake cutting and candle blowing part? Imagine you are blowing your birthday candle. Stretch your lips and do the candle blowing part. Repeat it 5 times.
  • We all made bubbles while chewing gum when we were young. Now that is something which is going to come to use. Breathe and puff your cheeks. Release the air slowly and repeat the same exercise.
  • Initiate your kissing pose by bringing your lips together and then try to lift your lips to reach the nose. Try doing it for 5 seconds and repeat it.

Lip Liner Does The Trick:

Sharpen the lip liner before you start making the outline. Start with the center of your upper lip by drawing a V line and follow up by lining the center of the lower lip. Then complete the outline of the lower lip by drawing the line from outer corner to the center on both the sides. Repeat the same for the upper lip. Now apply the liner to your entire lip as it helps define your lips. Try to go for lip liners with natural lip color or something which matches the lipstick to get a pretty pout.

Fill Your Lips With Color:

Colored lips make a pretty pout, but lighter lip colors can make your lips look larger. Always apply two coats of lipstick with the help of a lip brush and spread the color on the lips covering the corners of the mouth precisely. Take a tissue and dab on your lips to remove excess lipstick.

Go For The Glossy Look:

Even if you have small lips, lip gloss can accentuate their look by highlighting them well. It creates the delusion of plump lips giving a shiny look to them. Post application of lip gloss, get your lips together and press them slightly to distribute the gloss evenly and you are done.

That's it! Now that you know all the simple techniques to get the pout right, give a stylish pose with your luscious lips and flaunt your perfect pout.

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