10 Makeup Tips To Look Beautiful This Summer

Summer is beautiful but truly the heat is not. In a tropical country like India where the temperature ranges between 40-50 degree Celsius du...

Summer is beautiful but truly the heat is not. In a tropical country like India where the temperature ranges between 40-50 degree Celsius during the peak summer season, it is not easy to keep the skin away from sweat and dust. At the same time, surviving without makeup on bad skin days during the summer is a real trouble. People with combination to oily skin suffer the most as their skin starts sweating profusely the moment they step out. So here are some simple tips to combat with the troubles for applying makeup during the sultry summer.

1. All You Need To Know About Sunscreen

Do not just apply sunscreen and go out. Firstly, make sure you use a separate sunscreen and not merely a moisturizer/foundation/BB/CC cream that has an SPF build up. Secondly, the sunscreen must protect you from both UVA/UVB rays. Thirdly, use a sunscreen that suits your skin type and has a power of at least SPF 30 or more. And lastly, let the sunscreen get absorbed into your skin completely before stepping out.

2. Primer Creates The Magic

This is a magical product you won't realize until you use it. Primer is just not meant for eyes and lips. Face primers are widely available as well. It helps in closing the pores, prevents oiliness for a long time and keeps the makeup in place. L'Oreal, Revlon, and Colorbar have a good number of primers for every skin tone which you can try this summer.

3. Treat Your Oily T-zone

T-zone is the first to get oily and shiny in the hot summer. To control the greasiness, apply translucent setting powder to control the oil. On the go, you can also carry oil-blotting papers to remove the shine from the T-zone.

4. Beauty With Icecubes

After cleaning your face, slather your skin with an ice cube before applying any kind of product. Pat your skin dry with a dry tissue. Wait for a minute or two and then start applying your products. This makes the pores to close, soothes the skin and helps to absorb the makeup easily.

5. Heavy Makeup Isn't Great Always

Stay away from heavy makeup as there is a high chance of makeup meltdown. Instead of heavy makeup, take care of your skin and keep your makeup minimal as far as possible.

6. Flaunting Your Cheeks

For the cheeks, use a tiny amount of blush or bronzer to contour. Avoid highlighter as the cheeks sweats; it will make you look overdone. For dry skin beauties, use tiniest amount of liquid blush simply to add a bit of color to your cheeks.

7. Look After Your Eyes

Use a good primer. Don't use foundation as it is meant for skin and not as a base for your eyes. You can also use a neutral eyeshadow as a base. Instead of a powder eyeshadow and pigments for eyes, use a creamy base and then set it with powder eyeshadow. It goes a long way without smudging. You can also coat your lower eyelash with powder eyeshadow to set the kohl and prevent from getting raccoon eyes. Always use waterproof mascara and remove the excess with a tissue.

8. Makeup Spray Does The Fix

Makeup spray helps in keeping the makeup for longer duration without melting or smudging. Just make sure to invest in a good fixing spray meant for your skin type.

9. Wet Tissues & Blotting Paper To The Rescue

Do not drag your tissues or blotting paper. Otherwise, you will end up sweating more and feel inflammatory sensation on the skin. Instead, simply pat the tissue on the skin.

10. Drink Lots Of Water

Drink water, healthy fruit juices, and coconut water as much as you can. It helps a lot for the skin to behave well during the summer. Avoid cold drinks as they harm the skin in long term.

Hope you find these tips helpful for applying makeup.
Here's wishing all the Divas out there an enjoyable warm summer and happy makeup time!

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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