Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit 3624-E-1 Review & Swatches

Whichever eyeshadow palettes I have used till date are either from Sleek or MAC. The shade choices were limited as these brands come with qu...

Whichever eyeshadow palettes I have used till date are either from Sleek or MAC. The shade choices were limited as these brands come with quite a heavy price tag. I recently purchased few products from Miss Claire and they turned out to be quite impressive. The SA at the counter showed me this palette and insisted me to try at least once. I quite liked the choice of colors and with the onset of spring it is easier to play with colors and bright makeup for the season. Therefore, after a lot of thoughts I decided to give this one a try. Let's see how the palette fared with me.

About Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit 3624-E-1:

Get a perfect party look with this 'Eyeshadow Kit - 3624E/1' for women from Miss Claire. Smooth to apply, this eye shadow kit has a rich texture and will surely give a professional finish. This eye shadow kit also makes for a perfect gifting option for your sister or mother.


450 INR

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Apply shades alone or mix to create your own look, using enclosed applicator or separate eye shader brush.

My Experience With Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit 3624-E-1:

The eyeshadow palette comes in a sleek white packaging with two double sided sponge applicators along with a mirror attached. The packaging is sleek and easily fits into your bag. Overall, it is decent enough to travel. There are total 24 eyeshadows which have mixed colors of browns, blues, khaki, and plums. The palette overall, with the choice of colors, is appropriate for day and night. In fact, the palette has 60% neutral shades and 40% dark colors for nighttime.

First row of colors has 2 soft brown shades, a gold and pink with an off white shimmery shade for highlighting.

Second row of colors has khaki and browns mostly.

Third row of colors are versatile consisting of red, blue, brown and grey.

Fourth row of colors has plum, black/grey, brown and blue.

All the colors have satin finish with slightly shimmery particles. Sadly, none of the shades are matte. The texture is smooth but not buttery or velvet. The applicator provided was useless and it pokes the sensitive eye area. The blending job requires a little time and if the colors are not blended properly they look patchy. Layering colors sometimes is a difficult job nevertheless a base is helpful in that matter.

Pigmentation of the shades differs a lot. Some were well pigmented while some were average and others were chalky and poor. Primer would be of some help for enhancing the quality of pigmentation. I experienced minor fallouts with certain colors. Underneath primer and when you pat the eyeshadow and then layer it, the fallout can be controlled. The eyeshadow stays on my dry eyelids for 3-4 hours without any base which I find quite decent. On oily eyelids, the staying power can be a little less. With a primer underneath, it stays for 5 hours. With time, the colors also start fading on my eyelids.

The ingredient list looks a bit scary, so make sure you remove every trace of color from the eyes at the end of the day.
Another drawback is that I couldn't find the price or manufacturing date on the packaging. So, anyone can charge you anything. Moreover, I won't even know if the product is outdated. For the price I am paying, the palette is a decent one but not impressive. For regular usage, this one is a pretty good bargain.

Pros Of Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit 3624-E-1:
  • Sleek and travel-friendly packaging.
  • If the entire palette is considered, the choice of colors is good.
  • Colors blend well.
  • On the whole, it gives average pigmentation.
  • Good staying power, even better underneath a primer.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons Of Miss Claire Eyeshadow Kit 3624-E-1:
  • Some shades lack pigmentation.
  • There's hardly any shade for highlighting corners or brow bone.
  • Useless applicators.
  • Blending is time-consuming.
  • Lack of details on the packaging.

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Final Note:

When you're a beginner with eye makeup and want to explore more eyeshadows without splurging, I would recommend you to go for it. Although it has certain drawbacks, they can be minimized to a certain extent. I don't think I would repurchase the same one as it would last me quite some time.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. I really liked the colors....you can create some wonderful eye looks with them!

    1. Yeah, a lot of eye looks can be created actually!


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