Experience With Napa Valley Wine Trolley - Castello Di Amorosa Visit & Wine Tasting Tour

Having been blessed to live in California, one of the most beautiful states in the country of United States, I am a nature lover and travel ...

Having been blessed to live in California, one of the most beautiful states in the country of United States, I am a nature lover and travel fanatic. This interest of mine makes me explore new places and go on trips which offer stunning views. I have heard a lot about Napa Valley as it is quite famous for the premium wineries and scenic panoramas. While researching about the place, I came across Napa Valley Wine Trolley. This fun trolley resembles San Francisco Cable Car, which is widely recognized all over the world. On reading further, I learned that this trolley takes us around Napa Valley to experience the scenery, aromas and tastes of world-class vineyards. How can anyone miss such an exciting and amazing trolley ride? Yes, I grabbed the opportunity and here I am sharing the awesome wine trolley experience with you all!

Napa Valley Wine Trolley offers two tours to visit different areas of Napa Valley. I went for the 6.5 hour Premium Up-Valley, Castle Tour. The reason I chose this tour is the Castello Di Amorosa visit with wine tasting included. In addition to this, it also offers visit to two more wineries. This tour caters lunch as well and you will be accompanied by a mixed group of tourists. You can enjoy the wine tasting even better with new friendships and great company.

We were asked to gather at V-Marketplace in Yountville where we had to board the Napa Valley Wine Trolley at 10:30 AM. We reached the V-Marketplace at 10 AM and the place looked beautiful with a Mediterranean climate, greenery, flowers and restaurants around. It had a huge parking place where we parked our car and waited for the trolley. The trolley arrived by 10:15 AM and our tour guide cum driver Gordon, verified our names and checked us in. The trolley already had some people on board and we were quite excited to meet them all. After having a friendly chit-chat with our fellow travelers and clicking some pictures alongside the trolley, we departed right on time.

Our journey started and in no time we were witnessing a spectacular ride on the highway. Now here's something about the trolley you need to know! It has a sheltered area inside with closed windows and then there is an open-air seating outside with a covered rooftop. I was super enthusiastic and preferred to sit outside to enjoy the scenic view better and take a breath of fresh air. The wind was gusting at a high speed, but I relished it. We had free water and soda available on the trolley to quench our thirst during the ride. On the way, we encountered some striking views of wineries along with a few bikers here and there enjoying their ride. In about 30-40 minutes, we reached the much-awaited destination Castello Di Amorosa, a full-scale Tuscan medieval castle. This unique destination winery is among the top ten must see landmarks in Napa Valley.

Upon arrival at the castle, we met Carly, our tour guide of Castello Di Amorosa tour. After a formal round of introduction, we headed to the 2-hour tour to check out the castle while Carly was explaining us the history of it. We were kind of taken back-in-time and it was an extraordinary feeling. Our guide shared fun and entertaining facts about this castle which were interesting and left us all smiles.

We were taken through the different steps of wine making where we saw how they are actually processed and stored. They were huge number of barrels we came across while strolling in the castle. These barrels had different wines stored in them and the climate was ideal for the wine making.

The handiwork, ironwork and woodwork of the castle was created by hand using old world crafting techniques. You have to see it, in order to feel it! There was also a torcher chamber in the castle where we saw all the torture devices. As our guide revealed the particulars about it, we were all dreaded with the thought of such torcher.

Then comes the most interesting and long-awaited part of the tour, which is, wine tasting. Yayy! We were all excited about it. After all, this is what Napa is famous for, isn't it? We were served about 8-10 different kinds of wines like sweet wines, red wines, white wines, reserve wines etc. and each had a unique taste of their own. We tasted them all and gave our individual ratings to each of these wine varieties. Our tour guide Carly explained each and everything really well and made the entire experience memorable.

It was time to bid farewell to the castle tour and head on to Beringer Vineyards, which is the large winery in St.Helena, California. We were also served our gourmet picnic lunch at Beringer. The lunch was set up in an outdoor seating arrangement and it was lovely. The lunch included potato salad, pasta, sandwiches, and cakes. Though the sandwiches were a bit hard to bite, the rest of the lunch was delicious.

The construction of the place looked really impressive and is an ideal spot for clicking some pictures. Once we were done with our lunch, we headed for the wine tasting at Beringer wineries. Since its tasting price was not included in our tour unlike Castello Di Amorosa, we had to pay from our pocket for wine tasting. We were there for about 2 hours and it was an enjoyable experience.

We then started our journey to the last destination of the day, Provenance Vineyards. It was around 3 PM when we reached there and a young lady was waiting for us to take us through the wine tasting. We were arranged a nice seating outside with comfortable patio chairs. We were given a choice of wine tasting options and we decided to go with the red wines variety. We tasted three different kind of red wines and two of them were fantastic. We even bought some wine varieties we liked and our wine tasting fee of 20$ was waived off with our purchase. The outdoor seating experience, the fun chats, the wine tasting experience and the overall ambience of the place was incredible. After a while, we boarded the trolley to go back to V-Marketplace to mark the end of our fabulous journey.

Our driver cum tour guide Gordon kept us informed of all the places while we were traveling during the day, making our trip worth it. The entire Napa Valley Wine Trolley experience has been super fun, enjoyable and memorable. I loved the trolley ride, learned the castle history, enjoyed picturesque locations and wine tasting, made new friends and had a phenomenal Napa Valley trip. I couldn't have asked for more!

If you wish to have fun and taste the world-class wines, visit Napa Valley Wine Trolley website here and make your bookings right away!


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    1. Had the best time Salomi.....great place to be in!


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