Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair Oil Review

When it comes to my hair care, apart from homemade products I trust Dove blindly. Till date, none of the products proved insignificant if no...

When it comes to my hair care, apart from homemade products I trust Dove blindly. Till date, none of the products proved insignificant if not great. Off late, due to blow drying, my tresses started losing their natural moisture and turned a bit lifeless along with the increased frizziness. Conditioners did nothing but building up residues. So I was looking for a good serum. The dryness was a bit extreme therefore I required some good oil serum to lock the moisture post-washing. I heard a lot about Kerastase oil, but after looking at the price I changed my mind as I cannot afford it right now as a student. So my oblivious second choice was Dove & I mainly chose this variant for its aroma. Let's get straight to the review and see how the oil worked for me.

About Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair Oil:

The sacred flora of Greek Goddess Aphrodite or the object of the great philosopher, Confucius' renowned study – the rose; and it now lends itself beautifully to Dove Elixir. Rose with Almond Oil known to be available in far Southern parts of Asia, make for the virtuous concoction – Hair Fall Rescue by Dove Elixir. The golden drops of elixir breathe life into fragile hair that fall easily, to nourish and protect hair from damage. The potion of Dove Elixir - Hair Fall Rescue to reduce hair fall dramatically. To give you the goodness of overnight oiling in 30 minutes.


185 INR for 90 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Gently pump out a few drops of the precious Dove Elixir.
Applied Before Washing: Hair is soft and nourished.
Applied After Washing: Helps protect your hair from damage.
Indulge your tresses with the replenishing qualities of Elixir 30 minutes before your hair wash.

My Experience With Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair Oil:

The oil comes in a glass bottle further enclosed in a cardboard box. The glass bottle is transparent and has a nozzle dispenser which works pretty well. The bottle doesn't leak, but I feel it is too delicate to travel. Moreover, it is prone to breakage if handled carelessly. The oil has a rose gold sheen to it and the dried rose petals can be seen through the transparent glass. Coming to the aroma, it is heavenly! It smells of perfumed rose without hurting your nose.

The oil is extremely light weight and thin in consistency. Once applied on the scalp, it doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all. Though the instructions say that the oil can be applied 30 minutes prior washing, I kept the oil overnight so that my hair gets the required overnight conditioning. After I washed the hair, there wasn't any drastic change in the quality of hair but there wasn't any degradation as well. As a leave-in serum for lifeless manes, this is quite a good product. I mainly use it for leave-in purpose which adds a lustrous shine to my hair. The hair can be detangled easily with the help of this oil. The frizziness was controlled to a large extent and my hair was manageable and frizz free for 3-4 days.

As far as the claim of the oil is concerned, it will not solve your problem of hair fall definitely. As conditioning oil, it is good for normal hair and as a leave-in serum, it performs pretty well. I have been using the product considerably for a month as an oil prior washing until I noticed the ingredients list. The first thing they mentioned is mineral oil. I was totally taken aback as mineral oil has its own side effects on hair. For the time being, it might be helpful to show some good results but it is not at all a good option to be considered for the scalp. One of the main drawbacks is that it builds up on the scalp. After this, I never preferred to use it as oil and use it as a leave-in serum.

Pros Of Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair Oil:
  • Luxurious glass bottle with pump dispenser.
  • Heavenly rose aroma that doesn't irritate the nose.
  • Thin consistency oil.
  • Feels extremely light on scalp.
  • Can be used as oil as well as leave-in serum.
  • Helps in detangling and controls frizziness.
  • Hydrating as a serum.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons Of Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair Oil:
  • It does very little help for hair fall.
  • Works as good as any coconut oil for pre-conditioning the hair.
  • Has mineral oil.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I know many people who simply don't apply oil to the hair because of greasiness. Well, for them this is a savior. I am pretty happy to use it as a serum than oil. So I might try out the other variants once I am done with this, although the bottle will take some time to get over. Do not expect a miracle out of this but for aroma and decent results, you can give this a try.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Patanjali & are totally into all almond oils Salomi. Good for you!

  2. I still prefer Patanjali Coconut oil over this as I guess they give same results:)

    1. Actually but you can try it as a serum you know..


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