7 Amazing Benefits Of Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

Watching the sleeping form of a mother and baby together is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. And the reason is not just beauty...

Watching the sleeping form of a mother and baby together is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. And the reason is not just beauty. A mother co-sleeping with her baby has several advantages and benefits. Though it can become a little stressful for the mother initially, with the little one waking up frequently at night, in the long run, it fetches great benefits for the baby as well as for the mother. In some cultures, co-sleeping with the baby is not encouraged and instead the baby is put in a different room to sleep, even at a very young age. But once you understand the benefits of co-sleeping with your baby, you may not want to put the little one away from you at night, no matter how tired or exhausted you feel with the responsibilities of motherhood. Check out some benefits of co-sleeping with your baby!

1. Breastfeeding Becomes Easy

A new mother is instructed to feed her newborn every two to three hours throughout the day, which also includes the night. It needs to be practised for at least 6 months, or till the baby is completely dependent on breast milk. Therefore, co-sleeping with your little one at night gives you the comfort of feeding whenever your baby needs it, instead of getting up and moving around from one room to another.

2. Enhances Secure Attachment

Babies who co-sleep with their mothers do not experience a great deal of separation anxiety. Therefore, they develop a sense of secure attachment with their moms. Babies who are securely attached, begin exploring new things faster and deal with growing up in a much better way.

3. Promotes Physiological Well-being

Research shows that babies who sleep with their mommies at night, have more stable breathing patterns, and often in tune with the mother's sleeping rhythm. Babies sleeping with their mothers are comforted easily in case they wake up in the middle of the night and can be put back to sleep without much ado. A good night's sleep translates to healthy development of the body and mind.

4. Stimulates Brain Functioning

Babies, who sleep alone, may wake up at night, begin crying, and then cry themselves off to sleep. This causes emotional disturbances that manifest at a later stage in life. But infants co-sleeping with their mother are comforted promptly and develop a sense of emotional security. This leaves their brains free from emotional stress and there is more positive activity in their minds which leads to enhanced brain functionality.

5. Lower Risk Of Fatality

Sudden infant death syndrome, commonly known as SIDS is an unfortunate occurrence. It has been seen that babies who co-sleep with parents are at a much lower risk of SIDS than infants who sleep alone. In case the baby has any breathing troubles while sleeping, the mother right next to it can immediately take action and provide medical attention if needed, much faster.

6. Great Way To Ensure Mother-Child Bonding

This goes without saying that the proximity between mother and child helps to build an eternal bond of love and security. A baby who safely snuggles to sleep in the warmth of the mother will bond much better with her. A mother who feels the tiny hands grab her in her sleep will feel a wave of motherly love that will feel highly rewarding after fulfilling the stressful duty of a mother. This sense of comfort, love and security will build an eternal bond between mother and child.

7. Reduces Other Risks For The Baby

Babies, as they grow begin to get physiologically active, even during sleep. They roll, kick, and overturn during their sleep. So if they are co-sleeping with their mother, any danger of falling down or choking can be avoided. It is a problem for the mother getting constant pushes and kicks from the baby, but what would a mother not endure to make sure that her little one is safe. Also, the cases of child abuse by maids, or relatives can be avoided to a certain extent if the child is not left alone to sleep in a room. The protection provided by a mother will keep the child safe and sound from dangers at night.

After going through these wonderful advantages of co-sleeping with your baby, you would surely not want to leave them alone. Enjoy the joy of motherhood & love of your baby!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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