10 Things To Pack For A Weekend Road Trip

With the temperatures soaring and the summertime knocking the doors, it's much needed to take time out from our busy schedules and go ou...

With the temperatures soaring and the summertime knocking the doors, it's much needed to take time out from our busy schedules and go out of the city. A quick weekend getaway is a welcome relief from the humdrum of our regular days. The cherry on the icing is a weekend road trip with no particular plan in mind. It will just be miles and miles of highway, lots of talks and conversations, loud music, and loads of Instagram uploads of crazy photos. And after that there comes the time for some real hogging, calling it a day and sleeping off at the nearest motel or campsite. The idea on its own is so exciting. But if you are not well prepared for your crazy road trip, it may turn out to be a bummer. Packing the right stuff is important to make sure that you have a fun-filled, and safe road trip. Here is a guide to some essential things that need to be included in your road trip. Get your checklist in hand, and read on.

1. Necessary Documents

When you decide to just ride or drive on for miles till you call it a stop, you never know which part of the country you may stop in. So always pack your documents like identity proof and vehicle documents. It will help you during any security checks on the way and also in case of any emergency.

2. Sanitizers

The tiny bottle of hand sanitizer can do you a world of good. Going on a trip means touching tons of surfaces. Apparently clean looking surfaces house millions of germs that could make you ill. So always remember to pack enough sanitizers for your road trip.

3. First Aid Kit

This is a critically important item that needs to find place in your vehicle, when on a road trip. A famous quote reads, "Always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst." Hence, the importance of the first aid kit.

4. Some Source Of Light

When on a road trip, you may just be tired of all the driving and in need of some rest when the daylight begins to fade. You may want to camp at a forest clearing. Or you may have to stop the vehicle in the dead of the night for some emergency. Whatever be the reason, you will need some strong source of light when the night comes. So don't forget to pack torchlights or emergency lights and additional batteries to get them going for long.

5. Charged Electronics

Whether or not you wish to be connected to the world when you are on your road trip, an emergency call may be necessary at any point. Apart from the calling functions of a smartphone, the GPS may come handy in case you get confused or lost on your way. And even more importantly an instant snap upload to share the road trip crazy moments with friends who could not make it, will be great fun. Therefore, phones and power banks should be packed for a weekend road trip.

6. A Layer For The Skin

Sunscreen lotions and moisturizers should also make space in your luggage while you are out in the open having fun. If you do not want to damage your skin during your weekend getaway, ensure that you are stocked up on sufficient sunscreens for the day, and moisturizers for the cool dry night.

7. Insect Repellents

Most of us forget the importance of insect repellents, but the huge blood sucking mosquitos at night have a feast while we camp under the clear blue sky. So if you really want to don your camper hat and not want insect bites on your skin, put that big tube of Odomos in your packing bag.

8. Substantial Food

You never know when the belly may begin to rumble when you are on a weekend road trip. It's a great idea to stock up on snacks, solid food and tons of water. In case there is no food stop in sight, you and your company can fuel yourselves on the food you packed along. Clean water may be hard to come by in the middle of a forest or your campsite. And, therefore, the emphasis on tons of water!

9. A Quick Change Of Clothes

For a weekend road trip, you need not pack a bagful of clothes. But what you do need is a set for a quick change and destination appropriate item like a swimsuit if you plan to jump and splash around in the water.

10. Wonderful Company

If you are on a solo trip ensure you are your best company or just take fluffy Timmy along. But if the more the merrier is your thing, then make sure you pack some fun people who are as fuss-free as you are.

Apart from these, pack away whatever you want or whatever you can fit in your vehicle and vroom away!
Happy Travelling!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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