Welcome to Diva Likes! Diva Likes is a blog dedicated to women featuring beauty tips, fashion trends, DIY's, product reviews, delicio...

Welcome to Diva Likes!

Diva Likes is a blog dedicated to women featuring beauty tips, fashion trends, DIY's, product reviews, delicious recipes, health issues, travel tales, shopping experiences, pregnancy guidance, parenting suggestions, television shows, movies zone, relationship matters and every other detail women love reading and talking about. Have a question? Search divalikes.com and you will surely be satisfied.

Founded in March 2012 as a personal recipes blog registered under the name lavanyasrecipes.blogspot.com, in just one year the blog transformed into an exclusive women's website catering a wide range of topics which interests the female audience across the world. With an amazing team of over 15 writers contributing multiple posts on a daily basis, Diva Likes is now one of the most visited websites all over the world. Our team strives to bring out the best information for women about everything and anything making Diva Likes a one-stop destination for all the Divas.

Meet The Team

Diva Likes Meet The Team

Lavanya T R (Founder & Editor-in-chief)

Lavanya is the face behind Diva Likes. Once a software engineer by profession, Lavanya took a small break from her job post marriage to relax and enjoy her marital life with her husband. During this period, a simple idea of flaunting her beginner cooking skills to her parents led to the start of this blog. Over the period of time, Lavanya realized that it's time to pursue her passion in a dedicated way. This led to the idea of coming up with an exclusive online portal for women - Diva Likes. She started the blog single-handedly with the support of her husband and in the process found talented writers who are passionate about working at Diva Likes. Today Lavanya is the mom of an adorable boy and she completely dotes on him. She leads Diva Likes on a daily basis by contributing articles, interacting with the team, collaborations with multiple brands and overall administration. She dreams of making Diva Likes a one-stop destination for women across the world and works towards making it better and better with each passing day.

Salomi Das (Senior Writer & Moderator)

Juggling life between a law student and teacher, Salomi started writing for Diva Likes out of her passion and love for cosmetics, makeup, and beauty. Her eternal passion for makeup and beauty started since school days which further prompted her interest in this field. She considers Diva Likes a platform where she learned the art of representing her perspective. She strongly feels that every piece of her happiness doubles with every post she contributes at Diva Likes. Diva Likes helped her to grow as a writer in every possible way and she strives to deliver her experiences so that it is easy for the readers to judge any beauty product or DIY from a diverse viewpoint. She is more than delightful to share beauty tips, judgment and experiences of products for a long time to come at Diva Likes, which she considers her second home.

Divya Singh (Senior Writer)

Divya is from Kolkata and is passionate about makeup, nail art, and all girly things. With a Bachelors Degree in accountancy and being a tomboy all her school years, venturing into the beauty world was a challenging task for her which she accepted and look at where she is today! Apart from her love for writing, Divya is an avid animal lover. She is passionate about cooking, adventures, reading, laughing, taking care of stray dogs and spending quality time with her loved ones. Diva Likes is not only the place where she writes her heart out, but it is where she understood her capabilities. She has managed to carve out a niche for herself through her reviews and nail art tutorials. One may not really know what the future holds for them, but one thing which Divya is sure about is her association with Diva Likes shall continue forever.

Kriti Mazumdar (Writer)

Kriti is a storyteller, writer, and dreamer by choice. Professional editing is her source of bread and butter. Words are the spice of her life. Kriti enjoys weaving stories from anything and everything, and her love for writing is eternal. She is a backpacking traveler, exploring some or the other corner of the world whenever she gets a break from her responsibilities as a mommy, a wife, an MNC employee and so much more. Diva Likes is her new source of sustenance as it gives her the opportunity to type out articles that she totally enjoys writing about. Since June 2014, Diva Likes has become a virtual family for Kriti where all the writers bond over ideas and articles. She loves being a part of this wonderful group and hopes to sustain a long-term relationship with this new found family of hers.

Sonia Maan (Writer)

Sonia is a law graduate and has done masters in law as well. She aspires to be a judge and wants to do something for the society, be it in the legal field or in the beauty world. Sonia is a die hard beauty and makeup lover. Her passion for cosmetics and beauty dates back to her childhood days when she used to wrap her mom's dupatta around her as a saree. Since then her love for makeup has only grown. Sonia is an explorer at heart, an avid reader, horror movie freak, and true blue shopaholic. Out of her love and passion for beauty, she decided to write reviews for cosmetic products. She feels Diva likes has given her a platform where she can put her passion to use by advising people about various products before they actually buy them. Diva Likes is a place where she gets to interact with lovely people from all walks of life. Diva likes is always on her mind and forever in her heart and she hopes the association is for keeps.

Chahat Monga (Writer)

Chahat is a 24-year-old banker by profession. All her life she has been into technical stuff but her love for beauty and fashion introduced her to Diva Likes. Basically from a small town of Hissar, she has been a fashion adviser to her family and friends since a long time and found the platform in form of Diva Likes to share her knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world. She got associated with Diva Likes in April 2016 on a purely experimental basis, little did she knew that it will start a new chapter in her life. Writing for Diva Likes helped her to find her own capabilities and desires. She writes on beauty, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle sections. She thinks Diva Likes is the best thing that has happened to her as it helped her grow as a person and writer in so many ways. It has given her new fashion and beauty goals and she feels blessed to be part of this wonderful team.

Hope you have a wonderful time at Diva Likes. Do drop in any suggestions/comments at writetodivalikes@gmail.com

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