Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Body Wash Review

Victoria's Secret is the most popular brand of women's intimate clothes and cosmetics. It is hugely popular among women across the g...

Victoria's Secret is the most popular brand of women's intimate clothes and cosmetics. It is hugely popular among women across the globe. The moment you enter into Victoria's Secret store, it makes you feel like a princess in the beauty kingdom. The pink apparels, fashion lingerie, the wonderful fragrances and the wide range of cosmetics makes this place the favorite of every woman. Today, I am going to review an aromatic body wash from Victoria's Secret which happens to be my first body wash from this brand. I got myself Passion Struck body wash as the name, the red colored body wash and the fragrance notes attracted me. Did it work or is it just a momentary attraction? Read on!

About Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Body Wash:

Ignite passion and intensity with this new scented body wash that gently cleanses the skin and leaves an addictive, alluring scent. The foaming formula pampers the skin with conditioning Aloe Vera and antioxidant vitamin E while caressing it with a sultry blend of Fuji apple and vanilla orchid.
Tips & Tricks: For a longer-lasting scent, follow with Passion Struck Hydrating Body Lotion or Passion Struck Deep-softening Body Butter.
- Fragrance type: Seductive warm
- Notes: Fuji apple and vanilla orchid
- 250 ml/8.4 fl oz.
- Domestic.



Ingredients List:

My Experience With Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Body Wash:

My first body wash from Victoria's Secret is Passion Struck. Ah! I so love the name. Coming to the look of it, it is a transparent bottle with a press open style cap. The body wash looks lovely in light red color and can be seen through the bottle. This way we shall know how much amount of body wash is still left. I love this kind of packaging!

As the name indicates, it does have a sweet floral and fruity aroma which makes you fall in love with it. It has hints of apple and vanilla orchid which are the key fragrance notes of this body wash. The major drawback of this body wash is its runny consistency. Every time I take the body wash in my hand, it is very difficult to let it stay still. This bothers me a lot and also leads to a lot of product wastage. Though the product looks red in color when in the bottle, it looks quite transparent with a very light red shade when you actually pour it on your palm or the loofah.

It lathers well and does decent work by cleansing the skin. The aloe vera present in the ingredients is very good for skin. It doesn't make your skin dry which makes it suitable for dry skin people too. The aroma of this body wash makes you feel ecstatic and gives a spa feel. It stays during the shower but once you are out, it disappears. Overall, I would say it wasn't a great experience but just a satisfying one. I will surely try other variants of body washes from this brand but may not buy this one again.

Pros Of Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Body Wash:
  • Beautiful red colored body wash with impressive packaging.
  • Has the best floral and fruity aroma of apples and orchards.
  • Lathers well.
  • The aroma lingers throughout the shower.
  • Cleans the skin well.
  • Contains Aloe Vera which is good for skin.

Cons Of Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Body Wash:
  • The consistency of the body wash is runny.
  • Product goes waste because of the consistency which is tough to handle.
  • The fragrance doesn't last post body wash.

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Final Note:

I would say this is a mediocre body wash with nothing special to boast about. It does the work of cleaning the body well and has a very sweet fragrance. But the runny consistency is the biggest drawback of this body wash. Try it only if you want to experience the magical aroma!


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  1. Was expecting a little more from Victoria's Secret. But that's true their aroma doesn't last long. It was the same for a body splash from VS.

    1. This was my first body wash from them and wasn't a great one. I wanna try few more and see!

  2. Replies
    1. Fragrance is good only that it doesnt last after shower. But the consistency bothers me too much here.

  3. Average body wash from such a big brand..:(


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