7 Face Washing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Washing your face seems like a child's play, isn't it? I mean what's the big deal about something as simple as face wash which y...

Washing your face seems like a child's play, isn't it? I mean what's the big deal about something as simple as face wash which you have been doing throughout your life? A little scrubbing, some random cleansing followed by vigorous water splashing and your face wash routine is done. Apparently most of us are unaware of the numerous mistakes we commit while cleaning our face. And if these mistakes go unnoticed, they can have an adverse effect on our skin causing dryness, irritation, rashes and premature wrinkles. Hence, I have listed down some common mistakes that you need to watch out for when you wash your face next time.

1. Unwashed Hands Before Face Wash

It is surprising but true that many a times we forget to wash our hands before we wash our face. You might want to rethink this habit. Imagine the numerous surfaces that our hands come in contact with, especially when we are working or commuting from one place to another. As a result, dirt and bacteria get accumulated on our palms and hands. Therefore not washing them prior to face wash can transmit these bacteria and dirt from your hands to your face. This in turn can cause skin problems like itchiness, redness and rashes. To avoid these skin problems, wash your hands properly with an antiseptic soap and only then proceed to face washing.

2. Do Not Over Wash

Too much of anything is not good and our beauty regime is no exception. We think washing our face frequently will keep it squeaky clean. This notion is incorrect. On the contrary, over washing can make your facial skin feel irritated and dry as it washes away the natural moisture from your face. On the other hand, too much of washing can also stimulate unwanted oil production thus rendering your face oily. Ideally washing your face 2-3 times a day is more than enough to keep it clean and dirt-free.

3. Selecting The Wrong Products

First and foremost, know your skin type. We often get carried away by the attractive advertisements that promise flawless skin after every wash. Sometimes we end up buying them without even realizing whether they are suitable for our skin or not. Avoid experimenting with sundry cosmetic products as they can have an adverse effect on your skin. Follow the safe rule – if you have normal to dry skin, use hydrating and cream based cleansing lotion or face wash; for oily skin, opt for gel-based cleansers or the ones with oil-control property. And the golden rule is to pick up sulphate-free products. If you find Sodium Laureth Ether Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate listed as one of the ingredients, immediately turn your back to such products. Use mild cleansers and face washes which don't foam like detergents!

4. Incorrect Technique Of Applying Face Wash Or Cleanser

Face washing is not about applying a dollop of face wash and splashing it off with water. Incorrect application of cleanser or face wash will not clean your face efficiently. For instance, when using a cleanser, always apply it to dry skin and massage it with gentle circular strokes. This helps the cleanser to reach deep into your pores and remove the dirt out of it. On the other hand, face wash should be applied to slightly wet skin. Follow the same circular massage technique with the tip of your fingers and wait for a minute before rinsing it.

5. Unbalanced Exfoliation

Often we tend to go through a phase where we either scrub our face almost every day with much gusto or we don't exfoliate at all for weeks at a stretch. Moderation is the essential key when it comes to face scrubbing. Rubbing coarse face scrubs every day can cause your skin to irritate. On the other hand lack of timely exfoliating can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dead cells on the skin making it look dull and rough. Exfoliating your skin twice a week is sufficient to keep it clean and glowing. Always choose scrubs with mild granules as they are not harsh on your skin.

6. Wipe Out Face Wipes

Face wipes come in handy when you need a quick clean up. But they might not be the cleanest option. Instead of removing the dirt and sweat, face wipes smear your face with them. This could clog your pores and cause skin rashes and itchiness. The only use you can put it to, is to remove blotchy eye make-up. Face wipes can also cause bacterial skin infections as they tend to keep the outer surface of your skin moister than needed. No matter how convenient they seem to be, avoid using them as much as possible.

7. Rinsing With Hot Water

One common beauty myth is that hot water opens up the pores and cold water closes them up. However, this is absolutely untrue. Pores cannot open up or close easily as they don't have muscles. Washing your face with hot water can feel relaxing and pleasing. But the results might not please you though. When you wash your face with hot water, the natural oils of your skin tend to dry up and this in turn can cause dehydration. Washing your face with lukewarm water will not only clean it effectively but will also be gentle on your skin.

Work on these common face washing mistakes and see the change yourself!

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Contributed By: Meghna Kar


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  1. These are the simple things we easily ignore and are least bothered about. Well written Meghna!

    1. Thanks Lavanya! It's true how we go to great lengths for skin care but overlook the simple yet essential things.

  2. such useful tips for daily washing. (Y)


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