7 Delicious Foods To Eat While You Watch The Cricket World Cup 2015

Be it kids or adults, one sport that everyone is crazy about is Cricket. Now that The Cricket World Cup 2015 has begun, people are glued to ...

Be it kids or adults, one sport that everyone is crazy about is Cricket. Now that The Cricket World Cup 2015 has begun, people are glued to their television screens. This is also the time of the year when you spend hours together in front of the television cheering for your favorite team to win. Such long hours definitely give you the urge to munch your favorite snacks and delicacies while you watch. Given the fact that you are watching a World Cup, let's check out some of the delicious foods to eat from world's different cuisines while you enjoy the game.

1. Footlong Sub (American)

The Footlong Sub is the most popular item in the world famous Subway restaurant. This freshly baked bread variety with your favorite toppings is surely something you would love. If you are a meat lover, adding your preferred meat in the sub makes it mouth-watering. Veggie lovers too have a lot of options when it comes to sub. Try it out!

2. Tacos & Wraps (Mexican)

Mexican cuisine is considered as one of the greatest foods in the world. Their street foot is the most raved about thing. The tacos and wraps with different fillings are the ultimate evening snacks and the right fit to munch while watching your favorite sport.

3. Pizza (Italian)

Pizza originated in Italy and is now the most famous treat in many areas of the world. The basic pizza is an oven-baked bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese. The different varieties of crusts, cheese, vegetables, and meat will help you build your own pizza with ideal set of ingredients. This amazing dish accompanied with a drink will make your empty stomach full.

4. Shawarma (Middle Eastern)

Middle Eastern food consists of some of the ingredients which are hardly used in other cuisines. This makes their food unique and desirable. Shawarma happens to be one of their widely discussed foods. It is the shavings of meat cut from a huge meat block which is rotating on heated set up. You can even go for shawarma wrap adding your choice of bread. Doesn't that taste yummy?

5. Tandoori Kebabs (Indian)

India is quite famous for its Kebab varieties. Though Kebabs are also present in Middle Eastern part of the world, India adds its own touch and taste to this palatable dish. This grilled piece of meat marinated in rich spices is worth trying.

6. Pad Thai (Thailand)

Thai cooking has sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty flavors to it. Pad Thai is a well-known specialty made of soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with vegetables, meat and choice of sauces. This fast and nutritious dish has become popular in many countries around the world. It would be an apt food choice while rooting for your home team.

7. Hakka Noodles (Chinese)

Chinese Hakka Noodles is served as a main course in the Chinese cuisine. An Indian version of these noodles is now quite popular in India. The Indo-Chinese version of these noodles is prepared by tossing and frying the noodles. Kids will surely love this recipe. It is the right option to cook when in a hurry. Go and grab the Hakka Noodles!

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Yay! It's time for cricket! Let's cheer our favorite teams and enjoy the World Cup 2015.

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