The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion Review

I wish all the readers and the whole team of Diva Likes a very happy and fabulous new year. This is my first post in this new year and I wan...

I wish all the readers and the whole team of Diva Likes a very happy and fabulous new year. This is my first post in this new year and I want to thank the Diva Likes team as well as the readers for making 2014 a very memorable year. So how do you feel when the first day of your new year starts with unexpected gifts and things which you love? You will definitely feel super happy, don't you? The same happened with me this year when my uncle from Dubai sent 2 parcels which arrived on 30th December. He called us up and said that he has sent gifts for all of us. I can never wait when I have gifts on my hand. I opened it up and saw two beautiful handbags and The Body Shop goodies. The Body Shop goodies included Vanilla Body Lotion, Midnight Bakula Body Wash and Mango Body Butter. From the goody bag, I am going to review The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion today. Most of us think that Vanilla is something that only makes our cakes and ice creams delicious. But this wonder called vanilla extract has some amazing benefits for our skin also. Vanilla extract contains a good amount of antioxidants due to which it works as a great anti-ageing ingredient. It reduces the signs of ageing. Because of the presence of vitamins, it repairs dull and damaged skin. Its anti-bacterial properties help in fighting acne too. So without further delay, I started using this body lotion and I am here today with my views.

About The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion:

All over Latin America, vanilla is used to seduce, as love charms or in aphrodisiac pomades (perfumed oil to put on the hair). We don't like to leave anything to chance(especially when it comes to matters of heart) so we blended notes of vanilla,lemon,plum and jasmine to create a tender fragrance that will make every inch of your body irresistible.



Ingredients List:

Aqua, Octyl Palmitate,cyclomethicone,ceteareth-20,orbignya oleifera, vittis vinifera, glycerin, steareth-2,stearyl alcohol,parfum,phenoxyethanol,benzyl alcohol,carbomer,triethanolamine,potassium sorbate,methylparaben,benzyl benzoate, propylparaben,disodium EDTA,coumarin,hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, benzyl salicyylate, limonene, linalool,hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal,benzyl cinnamate,butylphenyl,methylpropional, citral, famesol,geraniol,caramel.

Directions For Use:

Smooth on skin after cleansing with Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel.

My Experience With The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion:

First and foremost, my favorite flavor of icecream is vanilla. So this body lotion scored a plus for me even before usage, all because of its name. But not just the name, its performance also proved fabulous. The body lotion comes in a round shaped translucent bottle. It has a flip flop cap which is tight and will not lead to spillage. The body of the bottle is too tight. Sometimes it becomes hard to squeeze out the product. The lotion is beige in color. It is neither too thick nor too runny. It has just the right consistence.

The lotion smells delightfully yummy. It feels as if I have applied vanilla chocolate all over my body. Some people may find the fragrance overpowering, but for me it is perfect because that makes it last much longer than normal body lotions. I apply it after my shower and it makes my skin super soft without any feeling of greasiness. It imparts an instant shine to the skin. The softness and smoothness lasts the whole day. I just need little blobs to cover whole skin. This makes it clear that this bottle is going to last for a long time. Overall it is the best body lotion I have used till date considering its fragrance, lasting power and performance on the skin.

Pros Of The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion:
  • Beautiful sweet fragrance.
  • Sturdy and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Light weight texture makes it less greasy.
  • Makes the skin super soft and smooth.
  • The fragrance lasts all day long.
  • Once applied, no need for any touch up.

Cons Of The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion:
  • Availability might be an issue.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I got it as a gift and I am super happy with this body lotion. It has such a yummy fragrance that it makes you smell very sweet. The fragrance lasts for a very long time. It makes your skin supple and soft. The smoothness lasts all day with a faint glow. If you get your hands on this lotion, do try it otherwise the new version might also be equally good.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. I have used other body lotions from this brand and they are lovely. Recently got myself Victoria Secret body care and they are fab too!

  2. TBS lotions and body butters are just amazing! :D love the fragrance part..

  3. Yes Lavanya their body washes are also good..

  4. Even I love the sweet smell Salomi:)


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