10 Reasons Why Gautam Gulati Is The Deserving Winner Of Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss is one of the biggest reality TV show in India. Having watched all the 8 seasons of Bigg Boss without missing even a single episod...

Bigg Boss is one of the biggest reality TV show in India. Having watched all the 8 seasons of Bigg Boss without missing even a single episode, uncensored videos and gossips, I can say Bigg Boss season 8 is one of my favorite season. What makes this season so appealing to me is one particular contestant, Gautam Gulati – the one man army. Yes! We love, we love Gauti! I am no exception. Now that the season is coming to an end, I wanted to pen down my thoughts in front of you all. At this mode of the game, I think the best thing is to talk about why Gautam Gulati is the deserving winner of Bigg Boss 8! He has showed all the true qualities of a hero and totally deserves to win this season of Bigg Boss. Lets go from the start and see what makes him special when compared to everyone else!

1. He Is The Ultimate Entertainer

Be it his expressions or his funny one-liners, Gautam Gulati is the best entertainer among the current lot of contestants in the house. How can you forget his one-liners "Every day and night I see some stupid people", "Mera naam naam hai Gauti, aur koi shehar mein na baaki", "Arre koi inhe bataiye, yahaan 1970's ki film nahin chal rahi hain", "Mein Diandra ko vote nahi doonga kyun ki ghar chalana hai, zoo nahi", "Hey Ali, hoga ghar ka captain tu, par asli main hoon", "Diandra Diandra lets go to bandra", "Sonali Sonali lets go to manali coz Diandra went to Bandra", "Kutta paalo billi paalo, par kisi ke prati jabardasti galat famy matt paalo" etc. These are just a few to name! Gautam city task was probably one of the best tasks ever in Bigg Boss 8 and the credit for making it fun goes to one and only Gautam. His creativity in the task has made him win the hearts of people who disliked him in the house like Diandra. This task made him even more popular among the audience. Throughout the season, he has been at his best with funny comments and cute facial expressions. That naughty smile with his tongue out has surely lured the hearts of many! I am sure you will agree.

2. He Is A One Man Army

It is definitely not an easy task for any person to stay in a house where everyone hates you. He is probably the only contestant in the Bigg Boss house with 8 back to back nominations and 4 weeks of being sevak. This is enough to know the amount of hatred people in the house had for him. Even when he had issue with one person, the whole house used to gang up on him and corner him. There were many instances when people tried to make him feel terrible. Even after his numerous apologies after the Hijack task, he was never forgiven and was targeted time and again. In spite of all this torture, he stood strong like a rock and did not break. We saw him emotional and low but then he gathered himself with courage and always provided entertainment to the audience which is why people love him! Undoubtedly, he is a one man army!

3. He Is A Genuine Person

Gautam never held any grudges for any person in the house. He always believed in giving love even to the people who hated him. Relieving Sushant from the sevak task was a best example for this. Not just this, when Sonali Raut proposed him, he said very clearly he doesn't want to break her heart and was afraid if she gets attached to him. He didn't fake it for the TRP sake but ended it like a mature person. There were multiple times when we saw him become emotional. The times when his dear friend Puneet was leaving the house, when he met his mother, when he saw his brother after 100 days, when his dear friends Pritam and Praneet ditched him and when he saw the video of his Bigg Boss journey – there were many instances when he showed how real he is as a person and is not putting up an act for the show!

4. He Is A True Friend

If there is one person in the house who is loyal to his friends to the core, it is Gautam Gulati. Be it his friendship with Pritam which started in the first week or the Mufasa-Simba jodi which was the best friendship ever in Bigg Boss or his flirty relationship with Diandra, Gautam has always been true to his people. If you look back, he has never ditched his friends even when they ditched him. Puneet and Pritam made him loose the captaincy task but he stuck by them till the end. He even saved Pritam from nominations and cried like a baby when Puneet was getting evicted. He definitely has a big heart to shower his friends with so much love and affection even after being cheated. Hats off to his friendship!

5. He Is The Survivor

When people sulk to polish one pair of shoes, Gautam polished nearly 100 shoes at a stretch without any complaint. He did the entire cooking, cleaning and house work for more than 10 people for 3 continuous days. He stayed in a locked up cage and still entertained people who watched the show. He was always the first option for any punishment by the Captain in the Bigg Boss house but this man never said a word. He happily accepted every trouble which came his way and overcame it with lot of strength and positivity. He is indeed the survivor who showed immense growth as a person in his Bigg Boss journey.

6. He Is The Most Good Looking

All the Bigg Boss avid watchers know by now as to how much he loves being shirtless. Well! There are absolutely no complaints as he is too good looking to watch on screen. Not only his perfect gym body but also his amazing dress sense makes him the best looking male contestant in this season. No wonder people call him a hero from first week. After all, who doesn't wish to watch a contestant with all wonderful qualities along with great looks! Girls are going gaga over him and he is surely going to get mocked once he is out in public post Bigg Boss.

7. He Is The Lover Boy

Aahh! How can we forget his "Tum Hi Ho" song with Sonali Raut and their paper dance task. Audience loved their chemistry so much and it was all across social media. People even went to the extent of naming them Gaunali. Cute, ain't it? Though that didn't last long, yet again we saw the lover boy singing "Diandra, Diandra I still like you Diandra!" He is indeed a charmer who very well knows how to woo the woman he likes. Well, you cannot end it there as he also knows how to win the love back after the misunderstandings too! Diandra comes back to the house after watching all the episodes and she wants Gautam to win the show. Isn't that proof enough of how real this guy was on the show? Whatever little romance in Bigg Boss 8 we could see, it is all because of the lover boy Gautam Gulati.

8. He Accepts His Mistakes & Learns From Them

Yes, like any normal person, he did mistakes in his Bigg Boss journey. But then who doesn't? It takes lot of guts to accept that you are wrong and Gautam Gulati is man enough to own up to his mistakes, learn from them and move on. After using abusive words against Karishma Tanna in the Hijack task, he was quick to realize the folly he committed and apologized to her time and again. The tears we saw in his eyes when he watched the Hijack task video is a proof of the regret he has for his actions. His denial about his relationship with Diandra was yet another mistake he committed during the show, which again was corrected by accepting that he was at fault. It is very important to acknowledge that you were wrong and correct it. Gautam Gulati learned from his mistakes and has emerged to be a better person than before.

9. He Is The Family Man

People who follow Bigg Boss 8 closely know that his family means the world to him. His brother and mother have been his strength and he loves them a lot. The way he cried like a baby holding his mom or the way he went up to his brother in spite of being in freeze task shows how much he misses his family and thinks of them. He respects him mother a lot and the moment he knew his mom wasn't happy about his certain doings on the show, he took a backseat. He is the best son and best brother according to his family and we all agree to it, don't we?

10. He Is The Favorite Of Audience

Last but not the least, Gautam Gulati is the favorite of janta. His name is all over the social media like twitter and facebook. There are many fan pages and communities dedicated to him. People are cheering for him all over India and even outside. He has managed to lure all the support and love of people. He was seen trending in twitter time and again during his Bigg Boss journey. There were people who took to twitter to raise their voice in support of Gautam and it is worth watching to see all the support he has!

Now that the finale is here, I really hope Gautam Gulati wins as he is worth every bit of the victory. Do you watch Bigg Boss? What do you think of Gautam Gulati? Do let us know your views in the comments section below!

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  1. We love we love Gauti!! He is my favorite too. A super cool guy and a gem of a person..i love the way he handled himself when the whole house was against him. Hats off Gauti:)

    1. Even I love him & hoping he wins. This post shows how big fan I am :D

  2. Hahaha definitely Lavs he is the best till date considering all the seasons.

  3. Everybody loves Gautam. He is the winner of this season for audience..............

    1. Thats true! For me, he is the winner irrespective of the result!

  4. Replies
    1. Yea....can't wait to see him with the trophy tomorrow. Totally deserving victory!


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