Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover Review

Till date Diva Likes has witnessed reviews of skin care, hair care, makeup and everything which enhances our beauty. Today I am going to rev...

Till date Diva Likes has witnessed reviews of skin care, hair care, makeup and everything which enhances our beauty. Today I am going to review a very useful tool for a woman. No matter how expensive makeup and skin care products we use, getting rid of the facial hair is a cumbersome task for us. I have seen women getting waxing done on their chin and jaw areas in parlors which seems very painful. Facial hair looks very ill maintained specially on the upper lip area. Moustache is treated to be the sign of macho men but for women it's something we want to get rid of. So I have Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover for you all. I came across this on a shopping site and purchased it immediately. So to know what it is and how effective it works, do read the review.

About Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover:

Saheli's 'Thread It' is a specially engineered facial hair removal system designed to be used by women to remove hair from the upper and lower lip, chin, cheeks, jaw line and neck areas. It is simple and safe to use and a convenient alternative to other hair removal products.
1) Initially there might be some sensitivity while using 'Thread It', which might cause redness or prickling or tingling sensation. Use moisturizer after using 'Thread It' in case of sensitivity. On regular usage the skin becomes less sensitive to 'Thread It'.
2) Applying talcum powder prior to using 'Thread It' is recommended as it might reduce sensitivity of the skin.
3) To deal with sensitivity, we recommend using 'Thread It' starting from neck area, chin, jaw line and then to lower and upper lip.
4) If hair is thick and stubbly, instead of turning handles in a continuous motion, just give the handles one turn, and when you feel the hairs being caught in the coils, jerk the spring away from your face.
5) 'Thread It' can be used as often as you want, be it daily or twice a day, based on your facial hair and hair regrowth.


199 INR

Directions For Use:

1) Hold 'Thread It' by its handles in both the hands and bend into an inverted 'U' shape.
2) Place 'Thread It' on your face where there is hair and rotate the handles inwards. The hair gets stuck in the specially engineered precision coils of the spring.
3) Rotate the handles outwards. The hair stuck in the precision coils of the spring is plucked from the roots.
4) Keep rotating handles inwards and outwards in a continuous fashion while moving 'Thread It' up and down in the areas where there is facial hair. Please repeat the action in the same area on face until all hair is removed from there.

My Experience With Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover:

This facial hair remover comes inside a cylindrical plastic tube container with elegant flower patterns. The tube is sturdy and will not break even if you drop it accidentally. Inside the tube, you will find a spring with two pink handles. The spring is very free and can be bent in any direction you want. The spring is just the length of your palm. After ordering it, I was confused if it will be useful or I'm just wasting my money because I was scared that it will cause a lot of pain. But as they say no pain, no gain. After receiving it, I gathered the courage to use it. I applied some talcum powder and then used it as directed. At first, you will feel a little confused with the directions given but once you start threading you can feel the hair getting stuck and then plucked. Yes it did hurt a little when I used it for the first time, just like threading the eyebrows. It removed all the hair on my upper lip and the area looked clean after using it.

It takes just minutes to remove all the hair and you need not run to the parlor for trivial upper lip threading. As it plucks the hair from the roots, it takes time to grow back. It has been a week since I used it and there is not even a single hair growth on my upper lip till now. Just make sure to use it as directed and follow the instructions on the leaflet provided. It is not to be used on wet skin and remember not to use it on the eyebrows as it is not so precise. Overall I am in love with this product and every girl should have this in her vanity.

Pros Of Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover:
  • Safe and sturdy travel-friendly packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • Very effective and lives up to its claims.
  • Pulls out the hair from the roots so the hair takes time to grow back.
  • Saves your time and frees you from regular parlor visits as it takes just minutes to use at home.

Cons Of Saheli Innovations Thread It Facial Hair Remover:
  • May hurt a little but if you are used to threading then the pain would be bearable.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is one product in my vanity I can't imagine my life without. It's super easy to use, dirt cheap and the results you get are unbelievable. It hurts as much as threading but once you are used to it, the pain would not matter much. If you apply some talcum powder then the pain becomes less. Just follow the instructions on the leaflet and you are good to go. It is a must have product in every girls vanity.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. I have used a similar tool and these are super effective. I love the convenience of using them at home!

  2. It has become my saviour Lavanya..

  3. looks totally handy! parlor threading is just awful!

  4. Give this a try Salomi its gonna save u lots of time n energy..

  5. I feel my hairs have become thick n hard after using it. Does anybody else also feels like this

    1. Hey Vishaka. These products are similar to that of waxing where the facial hair is removed with slight pressure. However, they do not contribute towards thickness later on as per my experience.


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