11 New Year Resolutions You Should Try

Today is 31st December and it is time to scratch through this year's resolutions and cook up a fresh batch. Now if you are really lookin...

Today is 31st December and it is time to scratch through this year's resolutions and cook up a fresh batch. Now if you are really looking forward to better your life this New Year 2015, here are some resolutions that you could give a thought. Whether you list it in your personal resolution list or not is up to you. But they are definitely worth giving a shot to make our lives and the people around us happier.

1. Make At Least One Person Smile Each Day

In the humdrum of a busy lifestyle, we often forget the importance and beauty of smile. So this year make a promise to yourself to make at least one person smile each day without any conditions attached. Imagine if all of us reading this could practice it, how many happy faces the world will witness this coming year!

2. Contact Old Friends

Promise yourself to get in touch with long lost friends. Don't use excuses such as 'new phone', 'lost phone', 'don't have contact', 'lost contact numbers' etc. Social networking has made finding old friends easy and their contacts too. So don't just leave a birthday greeting or say hi over the internet. Pick up the phone, dial the number, and get back talking to lost friends from your past.

3. Start A New Hobby

It is never too late to learn something new. Instead of being hooked to the TV or computer, start a new hobby. It can be something as simple as knitting to more complex ones like calligraphy or learning a new language. But do engage yourself in something new, so that when you look back at 2015, you would marvel at your accomplishments.

4. Travel To A New Place

We often get comfortable visiting familiar places for vacations. Break the rule, and go to an unknown place. Explore the strangeness and mark a new adventure in your travel stories.

5. Start Writing A Diary

When we were kids, we used to get a dairy from our parents on the first day of the year. We were expected to write about our experiences at the end of each day. Somewhere in the course of growing up, most of us have given up on the habit. So to treasure your existence in this world, make this resolution and jot down your daily experiences on the sheets of a diary.

6. Clean Your Closet

You could follow this literally or figuratively. Either way, you will be unloading excess unused baggage and feel light. Make peace with old clothes; make place for new clothes by getting rid of the old ones that you haven't even looked at in the last five years.

7. Spend For Someone Who Cannot Afford It Themselves

While going on one of your shopping sprees, think of the urchin you see every day while going to work. Surprise him with a gift. And see his blessings take you a long way.

8. Forgive & Forget

Try to let go of all the evil and bad things in life. Be it holding any grudges or disliking someone for something they did to you. It's time to move on in life and stay at peace. Forgive & forget. It may not change the past but it gives the future a chance.

9. Spend More Time With Family & Friends

In today's busy lives, we hardly spend quality time with our family and friends. These are the people who mean the world to us but it is sad that we end up taking them for granted. Do not do that! These people deserve your time and you deserve theirs.

10. Work Towards Your Ambition

We all have ambitions and goals in life but sometimes they take a backseat for some reason. Do not let that happen. Work towards your goal, write down the progress and keep a track of it. This way you will achieve it much earlier than estimated.

11. Take Care Of Yourself

Again, I saved the most important for the last. This year, do not ignore the back pain you have been experiencing for quite some time now. Do not ignore the weight gain or the persistent migraine. Do not ignore the hair fall, and many such things that you did not care about because you were busy being concerned about the well being of others. Take time out and do things for your health and peace of mind. A yoga class could be the start or a long pending appointment with the dentist.

Go on and enjoy the year end festivities with vigour and usher in the New Year. I hope it proves to be a wonderful year to each and everyone. Happy New Year!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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