Nike Fission Deodorant Spray Review

Travelling always makes you feel dirty and sweaty . During those times, the only thing which can save you is a good fragrance. Ever since I ...

Travelling always makes you feel dirty and sweaty. During those times, the only thing which can save you is a good fragrance. Ever since I have known what deodorants are, I haven't stepped out of my house without one. It makes me feel good and fresh. It took me so many years to land on the right fragrance as most of them are either too strong or too light. I started using Nike Fission Deodorant Spray at that time. Ever since I stumbled upon this product, there has been no turning back. I remember using it for the first time at a friend's place and then I bought it at the store the very next day. Today, it is my HG deodorant. Read on to see if it can become your favorite too!

About Nike Fission Deodorant Spray:

Indulge in a luxurious and delightful festival of fragrances as you step out wearing this Fission Deodorant Spray from Nike.
Defense Against Body Odour.
Infused with a unique formula, this women's deodorant fights the germs round the clock and prevent body odour.
Long Hours of Freshness.
Lending a feel-good factor to your day, the Nike Fission Deodorant Spray blasts into joyful aromas to keep you looking fresh and energetic for long hours.
Made of Cool Cucumber, Lush Fruits and Exotic Flowers.
The essence of cool cucumber and lush fruits blend with the scent of exotic flowers to bring out your ultimate feminine beauty.
• Long Hours of Freshness
• Defense against Body Odour
• Made of Cool Cucumber, Lush Fruits and Exotic Flowers


167 INR for 200 ml

Ingredients List:

My Experience With Nike Fission Deodorant Spray:

It comes in a metal cylindrical tin with a spray top. A see through plastic cap protects the spray top. The metal tin is opaque and is painted in white and purple, giving it a very elegant and classy look. The packaging is quite strong, except for the cap. The cap seems to be very bendy and can break when dropped down. When you hold the tin in your hand you can feel that the contents are full, unlike the other gas filled deodorants. The spray top is strong and dispenses a good quantity with one press.

One spray on both sides and you are good to go. The smell of the deodorant is almost close to divine. It is not fruity, it is not flowery, but it is a perfect combination of both. For about 5-10 minutes after being sprayed, the fragrance might feel a little over powering. But then, it very gracefully tones down. The fragrance is not too strong and does not irritate the person wearing it or the people around. You cannot expect the fragrance to radiate from you like how a perfume does, but someone who stands close to you can smell it. The only con I noticed about this spray is that it can cause burning sensation at times. If not this, I just love this deodorant. It keeps the under arm region dry for almost 9-10 hours and hence no uncomfortable smell of dust or pollution.

Pros Of Nike Fission Deodorant Spray:
  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • It has a very attractive packaging.
  • Definitely travel friendly.
  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • The quantity, as mentioned the container is 200 ml.
  • Beautiful and delicate fragrance.
  • Keeps your under arms sweat free.

Cons Of Nike Fission Deodorant Spray:
  • It can sometimes cause burning sensation.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I love this product and will keep purchasing it over and over again. But when it comes to fragrances, it is always about your individual opinion.

Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. Burning sensation? Thats bad right!

  2. Never tried Nike deo. Seems it is not suitable for sensitive skin as it causes burning sensation.

  3. Burning sensation won't suit me at all :-(

    1. I am putting up with it cuz of the smell, so I just use it on my clothes sometimes.


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