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Hair removal is big business and it is now culturally unacceptable to be seen sporting your natural body hair. It is considered dirty and un...

Hair removal is big business and it is now culturally unacceptable to be seen sporting your natural body hair. It is considered dirty and undesirable. Removing body hair has been part of our daily routine for decades, but just how much hassle is it? We all want to be fuzz free, with beautiful glowing skin. It embodies everything that is feminine about us. When we are touched, we want our skin to be soft, smooth and stubble free. When we are seen we want our skin to be radiant and clean, with no hairs visible.

To achieve this, it takes quite a lot of effort on our part. Shaving, waxing and epilating take time and patience to avoid injury and unsightly marks. Having a salon do the work is not cheap, and we have to turn up to our appointments in hairy state. Is there a way to cut down the time and money it takes just to look like woman instead of a hairy ape? Many salons in town and cities are offering variants of laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal in Perth can be found in several salons, just like any city. To find the best one for you, pick a beautician who has had a lot of training and experience of their particular system. Laser hair reduction is not cheap, and many manufacturers add a brand name to their equipment to differentiate it from competitors. This isn't to say they aren't the same in terms of effectiveness. It is a lot of money to invest, so ask for some reviews or customer comments before you commit.

Laser hair removal may be labelled as permanent, but usually this means there is a permanent reduction in the hair that grows in the treated area. It usually requires you to buy 4-8 treatments to cover all your hair growth cycles. This can cost as much as 40 waxing treatments. Most laser hair removal systems only work with any noticeable effect if you are fair skinned with dark hair and dark roots. Some newer systems, including those in lesser regulated regions, claim to be effective for all.

If you are thinking of laser hair removal, remember it is not a quick fix, and results may not be as good as you were hoping. You should see some reduction in the thickness and amount of hair that grows in the area after you have completed all your treatments. Each treatment may cause some redness and be a little sore. Your beautician should have ice cubes ready to help reduce the swelling and should be able to provide you with any information. You may also experience an unpleasant smell during the procedure, but this is normal and not something to worry about. Usually, treatment requires you to be unshaven so the light can be channeled down the hair shaft and into the root. It then affects the follicle so the hair will fall out a day or so later.

Most importantly, some laser hair removal systems can work anywhere on the body including the face. If you do suffer a lot of unwanted hair, ask your clinic for more information.

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