7 Safety Tips Every Woman Who Travels Alone Should Know

Travelling is a wonderful habit. More and more women are embracing this habit. It is great to see an increasing number of solo travellers pu...

Travelling is a wonderful habit. More and more women are embracing this habit. It is great to see an increasing number of solo travellers putting on their canvas shoes and making a go for the unknown. Once upon a time, it was daring and daunting task for women to venture out of the house, let alone out of station all by themselves. But with changing times, solo women travellers can be met anywhere. Women are no more afraid to venture out. Solo trips are a great way to celebrate the free spirit of womanhood. But there are certain perils that lurk in unknown places which may show themselves, if a woman is not careful about her own safety. So here are the most important safety tips every woman who travels alone should know. The tips are not to discourage you from travelling alone, but to make your travel a wonderful experience devoid of troubles!

1. Always Be In Touch With Someone

Irrespective of where you are travelling to, always keep a trusted friend or family informed about your whereabouts like the hotel you are staying in, tour itinerary, places you are checking out or checking in to, tour agent's details (if you opt for a package tour) etc. This will ensure that help can be called for easily if you are in some trouble.

2. Know Your Limits

If you go clubbing or pubbing in a new place or city, keep tab on your drinks. Buy your own stuff and don't get carried away by smooth talkers. Single gullible women are soft targets for mischief makers and a sloshed woman is an easy prey for criminals.

3. Scream Out Loud

If you are ever caught in a problem where someone is trying to hurt you, shout out as loudly as possible to call out for help. Even if you have a really loud voice, it is best to carry a whistle or something which will alert people nearby so that they can come to your rescue. It also helps to scare away the nuisance maker.

4. Be Discreet

While travelling alone, you may meet friendly people and feel comfortable conversing with them. Try to talk about general or neutral things. Do not get carried away and give personal information about yourself. Never tell them that you are all alone in that particular place. Call someone in their presence to let strangers know that someone is aware of your activities.

5. Dress Decently

As an independent solo traveller, you may want to get adventurous with your style statement. But this may be a weak spot in your security. When you are alone, try to be a little conservative with your dressing to avoid giving the wrong impression to people. This way, strangers with indecent intentions will mostly stay away from you.

6. Always Know Where You Are

A map or GPS will help you loads in this area. Wherever you go, make sure you don't get lost. Take a note of the police station, embassy and hospitals near the place you are in. A local map should help you in this task. When exploring the place, make mental notes of landmarks you pass, so that you can ask for directions in case you lose your way.

7. Always Buy Your Own Food & Beverages

No matter how kind or friendly a stranger is to you, insist on buying your own food and beverages like water, alcohol, or sodas. It will ensure your safety and you will be able to thwart the chances of someone mixing something in what you eat or drink.

Hope these safety tips help you in your solo travel experience. Do let us know your views about this article in the comments section below!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. All the points are so true Kriti..very helpful for all women out there who plan a solo trip!

  2. Nice article, I used to travel alone often before and your article covers all the necessary points

  3. so so useful for us. lovely article Kriti :)

    1. Now that you know some safety tips, pack your bags and go on an adventure Salomi :)


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