Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach Review

Greetings to all the beautiful ladies! Till date I have reviewed almost all the products required for maintaining perfect skin. But when goi...

Greetings to all the beautiful ladies! Till date I have reviewed almost all the products required for maintaining perfect skin. But when going through my posts, I noticed that I had missed one very important product, which is, facial bleach. I missed reviewing it as I have never used bleach on my skin. I have seen women getting their hands and faces bleached in beauty parlors. Once I had asked a parlor lady about this bleaching process and she told me that it lightens tan. But I wasn't satisfied. So I did some research on this treatment. I got to know that bleaching process helps to lighten skin tone. It lightens the facial hair thus making skin appear fairer. It also provides an instant glow, when you do not have time for facial. So this is my first bleach experience. I thought of trying fruit bleach as I had heard that it is the mildest and great for young skin. Today I am going to review Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach. Nature's Essence natural products have never disappointed me and so I took this to be the safest bet. Read on to know how it performed.

About Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach:

The delicate blend of hand-picked fruit extracts gives a stunning fairness and Fruitolicious feel to the skin. Natures Fruit Bleach helps to lighten facial hair and make skin fair and fine at the same time keeps it tender and soft. It's extremely gentle formula ensures minimized irritation to the skin while bleaching.


60 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Cream bleach - Beeswax, grape seed oil, H202 & strawberry extract. 
Activator powder - Ammonia bicarbonate. 
Fruit cream - Strawberry & orange extracts.

Directions For Use:

Clean the face. Mix bleach cream and activator powder in the ratio of 4:1 and stir till the time there are no bubbles in the mixture. Apply the mixture on the desired areas for 15 min and wash with moist cotton thereafter. Avoid eyebrows and area around the eyes.
Usage for post bleach Fruit Cream: Apply the Nature's Essence Fruit cream for smoothening of the skin after the bleaching effect for soft supple skin.

My Experience With Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach:

The bleach comes in a green and white colored paper carton. Inside the carton you will find 2 tubs, a small bottle and a plastic spatula. The big tub contains the fruit bleach where as the other tub contains the fruit cream. The small bottle contains the powder activator. I mix the bleach in a glass bowl and then apply it using the spatula provided. While mixing the bleach, do make sure to mix it in the correct proportion of 4:1. I also advice to do a patch test before applying on the face as some people are sensitive to bleaching.

Frankly speaking, it was the first time I used bleach and I did not even do a patch test. But thankfully it did not react badly on my skin. Once applied, I started feeling a mild tingling on my face and I was scared. But I waited for 15 minutes as the pack had mentioned that the tingling will reduce after using the fruit cream. After 15 minutes, I wiped the face with a wet tissue and then splashed some water. After that I applied the fruit cream and the tingling was gone. My face looked brighter and fairer than before. The cream gave a glow to my face. I had some facial hair on my upper lip and it was really lightened with the help of this bleach. Overall, I am really impressed with the result and I am going to include this treatment in my skin care routine from now on.

Pros Of Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach:
  • Affordable.
  • Good quantity offered at such a pocket friendly price.
  • Provides a spatula for convenience.
  • Instantly brightens up the face and lightens the hair.
  • The cream gives a glow to the skin.

Cons Of Nature's Essence Fruit Bleach:
  • None.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I find this fruit bleach to be really fruitolicious. It's convenient to use, provides an instant glow and makes the skin look fairer by lightening the facial hair. I use this bleach twice a month. I am planning to use it on my hands also to lighten up the tan. It's definitely a must try.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. Looks like a good bleach....I always prefer VLCC bleaches...will try this too!

  2. Its gives very nice try it Lavs..

  3. bleaches never suit.. guess i can try this for a small change..

  4. Its very mild Salomi you can give it a try..


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