Parisvally Soft Women Perfume Review

Parisvally Soft Women Perfume is a gift to me from a friend of mine. This is long pending review as ...

Parisvally Soft Women Perfume is a gift to me from a friend of mine. This is long pending review as I have used it quite sometime back. This was my first perfume from Parisvally brand and hence had no idea how this will turn out to be! I have researched a bit on Parisvally brand and came to know that it caters fine fragrances for both men and women at affordable prices. Because this is a gift, I am not aware of its price. I tried to spot it online but couldn't get it. I am not sure if it is still available. But if you find it anywhere, I am sure this review will help you.

About Parisvally Soft Women Perfume:

Parisvally was established in early 2004 with the focus of catering fine fragrances within a budget price which would be accessible to various classes of people at affordable price. Its uncompromised sourcing of high quality raw materials is evident in its products.
The floral, vibrant and sensual bouquet of Parisvally Soft perfume for women is emphasised by a delicate accenting of soft jasmine and azalea and enveloped by the silky softness of a veil of musk at its base, which is wrapped by the preciousness of the warm and delicate Kashmir wood and Moroccan cedar wood.

French Ingredients:

Alcohol denat, Parfum(Fragrance), Aqua(De-mineralised Water), 85% Vol.

My Experience With Parisvally Soft Women Perfume:

This perfume has an impressive packing in red and a see through bottle with a pump dispenser. The perfume has a bit of alcohol smell considering the fact that alcohol denat is one of its ingredient. It has a soft and pleasant fragrance but that doesn't stay for long. It hardly stays for 3-4 hours. But for the time it stays, it is a fragrance you would love on yourself. The see through perfume bottle helps you know how much quantity of perfume is left and I love that. This perfume is tightly packed and has no leakage problem. But still we have to be extra careful as it is glass. Though it is 100 ml in quantity it lasted for a long time. I always prefer strong scents but I liked this fragrance. I really wish the fragrance stayed longer. I tried checking online for its availability and price but failed. I am not sure if it is still available in the market or not. All in all, this soft perfume has soft fragrance which you will love. I love it for that and also because of my dear friend who gifted it to me.

Pros Of Parisvally Soft Women Perfume:
  • Soft and pleasant fragrance
  • Attractive packing in red
  • Tightly packed with no leakage problems
  • See through perfume bottle

Cons Of Parisvally Soft Women Perfume:
  • Availability can be an issue
  • The scent hardly stays for 3-4 hours

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you are a lover of soft and pleasant fragrance, you can try this. But the scent hardly stays for 3-4 hours.


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