7 Reasons Why Travelling Makes You Richer

As a travel addict, I often shell out a good amount of my annual salary. I frequently hear people complain about how difficult it is to trav...

As a travel addict, I often shell out a good amount of my annual salary. I frequently hear people complain about how difficult it is to travel to unusual places because of other commitments like paying home loan installments, car installments, buying gold jewellery etc. I am often asked "Instead of spending so much on travelling every year, why don't you invest in some property. In your old age, your assets will see you through. What's in travelling to unknown places?"
I always tell them that travelling is my investment in life. I invest and make huge profits from travelling and that makes me richer. If you are wondering why I am saying this, read on to understand why travelling makes you richer.

1. Travelling Unlocks Your Door To Self-realization

When you stand before the Himalayan Mountain Range, or the look upon the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, you will realize how petty the troubles in our lives are. You will realize that your life and its problems are microscopic in front of the big picture. This realization will not only make you a better person but also makes you empathize more and let go of the shackles of ego that hold you back from living to the fullest.

2. Exploring New Avenues Bring Out The Real You

As a little girl, or a boy, you may have been told several things about yourself by others. Some of these things may have affected your personality. So some of you may have grown up thinking, "I am too delicate to face roughness", or "I am a shy kind of a person." But when you are thrown into the unknown, you cast away the made up parts of your personality and reveal the real you. You, who is a real fighter, a person who can solve problems in the scariest of situations. You emerge as a person who is not shy to try new things and come out of it with flying colors. And no material richness can give you the wonderful feeling of coming to terms with your real self.

3. Travelling Is Your Passcode For Getting New Ideas

Where we are closely entwined with a single culture, or a single way of living, we cease to see beyond a certain point. This narrows down our mentality, and we get stuck with it. Every one of us need fresh bursts of ideas to nurture them and make our lives meaningful. Travelling does this for us. Getting out and setting foot into new cultures and habitats helps us think and see beyond our little coops. And this in itself is an enriching experience.

4. Venturing Out Of Your Comfort Zone Builds Self-confidence

No one ever became rich without having faith in oneself. Yes, you may make a decent living following on normal trend of ordinary people, but you cannot do something extra ordinary, unless you stock up on your self-confidence. Travelling is a means to acquire the much needed self-confidence. You move out of your confinement, which you thought was your comfort zone, and face the unknown. This requires courage. And once you gain that courage to embark on a journey, explore new places. In return you would have given yourself the precious gift of unprecedented self-confidence.

5. Travelling Is Your Moving Knowledge Bank

You may not gain half the knowledge by merely pouring into the letters of a book that you will do while you travel. There is no specific course of learning while travelling and you may learn new things at every step of your travel. You can learn about new culture, new language, new art forms, new lifestyles, new food, new ways of treatment, and so many more new things.

6. Travelling Makes You Strong & Healthy

Imagine surviving the harsh lower than freezing cold of Iceland while watching the Northern Lights or protecting yourself from a sudden sand storm in the massive Thar Dessert? Don't worry. No traveller dies in these places, and I'm sure you've heard the famous saying "What does not kill you, make you stronger!" So basically your body learns to adapt to such extremes of nature. You learn to adapt your body and mind to unusual climatic conditions. And this in turn increases your health quotient. Needless to say, health is wealth.

7. Regular Travel Is Like Recurring Deposit Of Wonderful Memories

I don't think only monetary investments can make us rich. Imagine the treasure of memories that you would have collected when you are old. Just think of the stories that you will narrate to your later generations! Imagine the awe and admiration on their faces when they hear how you enter the chambers of the pyramids, or wade through the dense jungles of the Amazon. Our money can be stolen, our assets destroyed. But memories of our adventures are immortal and that is true richness.

Do you agree that travelling makes your richer? Do let us know your views in the comments below!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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