How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Slimmer

Who doesn't wish to have a slim and stunning look? Unfortunately, with our current lifestyle, it is not an easy job for some of us. Thou...

Who doesn't wish to have a slim and stunning look? Unfortunately, with our current lifestyle, it is not an easy job for some of us. Though it can be achieved with regular exercise, diet control and burning calories, all this takes a whole lot of time and effort. How would you feel if you can attain that slim look instantly? No, I am not talking about any fat reduction treatment or medication. It is possible by following just a few fashion tricks. The way you dress contributes a lot in making you look slimmer than what you actually are. Here are a few suggestions on how to dress to make yourself look slimmer.

1. Black is magic

Black colored clothing makes the outline and fat of your body less visible, which makes you look thinner. That is why most of the celebrities opt for LBD for their red carpet appearances.

2. Keep your heels high

High heels will not make you thin but will draw the attention towards your height. A bit of heel will give an impression that you are tall which in turn will make you look slim.

3. Go for small prints

Big prints will make you look fatter. Go for small prints if you want to appear thinner.

4. Say yes to three-fourth sleeves

Three-fourth sleeves will cover fat arms and make them look smaller. So, always say yes to three-fourth sleeves.

5. Right fit inner garments

It is very important to use right size inner garments which will create a huge difference in the way you look.

6. Avoid loose clothes

Not only wearing right inner garments but also wearing right fitting clothes is a must. Too loose or too tight clothes will make you look even fatter than you actually are. Always wear appropriate dresses which are tailored for your body.

7. Dark colored boot cut jeans do the trick

Dark colored jeans will give you a lean look. If you opt for boot cut style, it will make your legs appear long, thus making you look slimmer.

8. Highlight your makeup and hair

Focus on your face features and accentuate them with eye makeup, lipstick, bronzer etc. You can get a slim look by choosing a hairstyle which will suit your hair and body type.

9. Accessorize well

This is what most women love doing irrespective of how they want to look. Accessorize yourself with statement necklace, bracelet, statement earrings etc. which will make you look slimmer.

10. Love yourself just the way you are

Accept who you are and love yourself for what you are. Be happy as it always reflects in the way you look.

These are the simple fashion tips on how to dress to make yourself to look slimmer. Hope you all liked this post.

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