10 Reasons To Love Britain

There are few people who share my enthusiasm for Britain. The British Isles may not be the most exotic place in the world, but it has so muc...

There are few people who share my enthusiasm for Britain. The British Isles may not be the most exotic place in the world, but it has so much to offer people who are travelling. I have visited a few areas and regions of the UK, but still have more places that I want to see and visit. There is something romantic about Britain. I think that the cultural side of the country is a great inspiration. I have always felt at peace when walking in the British countryside. Here are my top ten reasons to love UK.

1. Quaint railways and old-fashioned trains

There are few places in the entire world that can rival Britain's railway system. After the industrial revolution, the country invested a great deal of money into creating a sound railway. Of course, most of the systems are now long forgotten. If you love history, you can see the old-fashioned trains at the Railway Museum in York.

2. Scenic houses and property

Property in Britain is a little smaller than you might expect. Regardless, I think that the houses in the country are divine. I often find myself browsing Spencers company website to look at the properties in UK. Country homes are my favorite, as they look cosy and cute.

3. The Cornish beaches and coast

Of all the regions in Britain, I think that Cornwall must be the most beautiful. Of course, the countryside in the UK is always great, but there is something different about the Cornish coast. The views from the likes of Land's End, St. Ives and Penzance are breath-taking, and so I urge you to go see them.

4. Cobbled streets and architecture

In many of the old cities in Britain, you will find old architecture and cobbled streets. UK has some wonderful architecture with so many buildings, which you have to see. Take a trip down the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, and you will know just what I mean.

5. TV dramas and soap operas

The TV dramas in Britain are unlike any in the rest of the world. The British people strike a balance between emotion and fun. My favorites are Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

6. Culture, history and museums

From the Tate galleries to museums, Britain has many cultural tourist points that are worth a look. If you visit London, there are plenty of free attractions where you get to know the culture and history of the place. Other cultural cities in the UK include Manchester, Liverpool, and of course, Birmingham.

7. Fish and Chips

I have to mention fish and chips. It is Britain's national dish, and so deserves a mention. You will never know real chips until you taste British Chip Shop chips.

8. Music, arts and comedy festivals

Festivals are a big deal in the UK. The British people take their festivals seriously, and so they are worth attending if you get a chance. Throughout the summer, the UK is home to plenty of original music festivals. Whilst there are always literary and comedy festivals that go on throughout the year.

9. The British sense of style

If you walk down the streets of London, you will notice one main thing. The British girls know how to dress. There is an effortless sense of style in Britain that you will notice when you go there. Make sure that you take the time to notice what people are wearing. It might just give you some ideas for your wardrobe.

10. A wide range of British accents

No, not everybody in Britain speaks like the Queen. In fact, few people speak in proper English. If you take the time to explore the region, you will notice a wide range of accents. Ranging from the thick and heavy Manchester accent to the light Welsh accent, there is a lot to take in on your trip.

Though there are many other reasons to love Britain, these are the top 10 reasons which make this place even more special. I am sure you will agree with me!

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