10 Makeup Mistakes Women Often Commit

Learning the tricks of makeup is an evolutionary process and one has to be totally thorough with it. On one hand, where right makeup can mak...

Learning the tricks of makeup is an evolutionary process and one has to be totally thorough with it. On one hand, where right makeup can make you look stunningly gorgeous, some mistakes can ruin your look as well as your skin. So, it is important for us to recognize and rectify the mistakes as soon as possible. There was a time when even I did some mistakes but as soon as I learnt about it, I altered them. So, here are the top 10 makeup mistakes women often commit. Let's try and not commit them from now on!

1. Cleaning Hair Too Much

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge" is one of my favorite quotes. Any girl would love her gorgeous healthy locks. We often come across articles that say we need to keep our hair clean. But in this process of cleaning hair time and again without the right kind of shampoo, we end up stripping every bit of moisture from our hair leaving them dry and frizzy. If you have oily hair and scalp, try cleaning hair every three days and dry hair people should do it every four days. In addition to this, it is always suggested to use heat protection spray when you're blow drying or straightening your hair. Hair dryers and straighteners damage your hair 10 times than dust and pollution. So, be very careful.

2. Clumpy Mascara

Mascara is the last step of eye makeup and we are always in a hurry to apply it. In this whole process, we end up either having raccoon eyes or clumpy eye lashes that destroys the whole eye makeup. Therefore, always be careful while applying mascara. Apply a single coat with a single stroke, wait for it to get dry and then move to the second coating. In this way, your lashes will look clean and neat.

3. Dirty Pillows

Many girls are actually unaware of the origin of their acne problems. One of the main reasons is sleeping on dirty pillows. Our hair is the dirtiest with oil and dust after we return home and the pillows are in direct contact with them. It is necessary to keep your pillows out in the sun every day and change the cover every 3-4 days.

4. Sleeping With Makeup

It doesn't matter how tired, exhausted and sleepy you are, you just can't simply sleep with your makeup on. Take off every trace of makeup from your skin before hitting the bed. Sleeping with makeup will clog your pores, cause dark patches, pigmentation and wrinkles. Find out an easy and quick way to remove makeup and follow it religiously.

5. Ignoring Moisturizer

Mositurizing your skin should be an important part of your day and night skin care routine. When you clean your face, the cleanser or face wash strips off the moisture from the face, which is the main reason for the dry flakes to appear. To avoid this and maintain a healthy skin, we should always moisturize the skin with a light water based moisturizer.

6. Neglecting Your Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face and we should always be extra careful about it. Be it the makeup products or the makeup removers we use, one has to be extra cautious. The eye area has the thinnest and sensitive skin. So, it is advised by the experts to hydrate the eye area to keep it away from dark circles, puffy eyes or crow's feet. Always massage an eye cream before hitting the bed and never ever forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out.

7. Skipping Eye Primer

The concept of eye primer was very much new to me when I started off with cosmetics. Then I learnt how useful and important it is. We spend our precious time applying eye makeup and thoroughly blending it. But we often forget that without eye primer, it is not going to stay on the eyelids in the long duration. Eye primer helps to enhance the eye shadow color and also elongates the staying power.

8. Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

It is extremely important to clean makeup brushes once in 2-3 days. The bacteria rapidly accelerate from the residual makeup left in the brushes. When we dip the unclean brushes in the makeup and apply over the skin, it contaminates the makeup as well. The result can be serious rashes, acne problems and infections. To avoid this, make sure your brushes are cleaned thoroughly before using. Store them in an enclosed place/box/bag, where the brushes are free from dirt and dust.

9. Sharing Makeup

Many of us commit this mistake unknowingly. One of the most common examples is the sharing of lip balm, lipsticks and combs. If you want to save yourself from bacteria, you have to learn to say no politely. Sharing combs will often cause dandruff problems even if you never had it. Similarly, sharing other cosmetics is also very unhygienic for the skin.

10. Loud Makeup:

Some people believe that loud make is the only way to prepare yourself for a big event. This includes dark lips, dark eyes and extra blush for cheeks. This assumption is totally wrong. It's a rule that you should never wear dark lipstick and dark eye makeup together. Choose a soft lip color when you are going loud with eyes and vice-versa. Moreover, blend the makeup properly and merge your blush well. If you are new with makeup, choose a safe color that matches your skin tone.

These are the most common makeup mistakes women often end up with. Hope the beautiful ladies out there rectify their mistakes and end up being even more beautiful!

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