Tips To Accessorize Your Home With Style

We all have our individual sense of style. We reflect that in the way we look, the way we dress, the cars we drive, our make-up choices, our...

We all have our individual sense of style. We reflect that in the way we look, the way we dress, the cars we drive, our make-up choices, our jewellery and even tattoos these days. All these things are ways of showing the world our true selves. That sense of style shouldn't stop when you get back home. More and more of us want to see ourselves in the style of our homes. That's not an easy process. A house is a house, after all how many different ways can you dress it up? Well, lots of different ways, in my opinion. There are a few accessories that can make your home into a mirror that reflects its owner in the perfect way. Here's a guide to accessorizing every room in your home.

The Living Room - welcoming warmth :

The living room should welcome others, not overwhelm them. We feel that little touches of yourself can invite people into your living room with comfort. You should theme your living room with similar styles of lampshade, rug and cushions. Don't let the TV dominate the room. Subtle accessories can show visitors who you are and what you value.

The Bedroom - the place where we keep most of our personal accessories :

I think the bedroom should be a place where you express your true self to the fullest extent. You ought to design your bedroom as if it were a portrait of your soul. You need to get the right bed for your image. Do you want a sleek, wooden number or an elegant four-poster? If you want something weird, then that's a possibility too in today's market! Once you've got your ideal bed, dress it well with the right bedding and accessories. You may even opt for scatter cushions and throws. Good artwork should always be in the bedroom too. It can showcase your creative side. Last of all, don't forget some treasured photos in gorgeous ornate frames.

The Kitchen - a homey place :

Your kitchen should represent your welcoming side, as well as your creativity. A little shelf for recipe books can be a nice touch for a budding chef. A mug tree can show off the styles of everyone in the house. We also love hanging pots and pans on the walls. That's a good way to conjure up a rustic look for traditional types.

The Bathroom - an unusual place for style :

Bathrooms don't have to be cookie-cutter, identical spaces of boring dullness. A few good accessories, on top of a great Island Bathrooms suite, can work wonders. A beautiful mirror can set off your bathroom in stunning style. Little touches on the walls such as jazzy tiles can give the bathroom a taste of your style too. We'd also recommend modern touches like heated towel rails or metallic radiators.

Accessories help to scatter elements of your character around your home. When used well, they can elevate your living spaces into something extraordinary. Take the time to place your personality into every room in your house. It's easy, fun and rewarding for everyone.

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