Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream Review

No matter how much we take care of our skin during day time, it still gets exposed to lot of harmful conditions. There are many creams in th...

No matter how much we take care of our skin during day time, it still gets exposed to lot of harmful conditions. There are many creams in the market like day creams with SPF, BB creams etc. to ensure proper protection during the day. Though these are saving our skin to a certain extent, it is important to allow the skin to breathe and heal away from the adverse conditions. This is possible only during night time when we are away from harsh environmental conditions. Good skin care routine helps improve the skin tone & color, reduces acne & spots and moisturizes the skin. The result of this is a glowing and younger looking skin. To achieve the same, I have been following a proper skin care routine since long. Night cream is an important part of it and I love experimenting with different night creams. My recent purchase happens to be Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream which claims to increase the moisture level of the skin. Let's see if it satisfies its claims or not.

About Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream:

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream is clinically proven to dramatically increase skin's moisture level in just 1 week.
This fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic formula, with Vitamin D3 and Glycerin, works deep within the skin's surface and over time helps boost skin's ability to replenish and hold onto moisture. Vitamin D3 is a superior moisturizer that helps balance skin's moisture levels. Glycerin moisturizes deeply, instantly improving the look and feel of skin.
Deep Moisture Night Cream instantly relieves dryness, without a heavy, greasy feeling, creating softer, healthier, younger-looking skin that lasts.
- Non-comedogenic
- Dermatologist tested


$12.49 for 2.25 oz/63 g

Ingredients List:

Water, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, dicapyrlyl carbonate, stearic acid, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, silica, BHT, petrolatum, ethylhexylglycerin, cholecalciferol, calcium chloride, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sodium polyacrylate, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

Directions For Use:

Apply evenly over face and neck every evening after cleansing.

My Experience With Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream:

The night cream comes in a blue color tub packaging. This tub again has an outer packaging in white and blue with the details of the product written on it. The packaging is good to look at but I really think the tub packaging could have been avoided. The cream is white in color and its consistency is like an ointment. It has a very mild fragrance which is perfect for a night cream. When I first used this cream, I used a bit more cream and the result was greasy. I hated it then and stopped using it. After few days I thought it's time to try it again. This time I used very little cream as shown in the picture below. It spreads easily but takes about 2-3 minutes to get absorbed into the skin. Once it gets absorbed, the cream works really well. That is when I realized it is very important to use it in right quantity to overcome the greasiness problem.

After using it continuously for a month, I can say that this is one of the best night creams I ever used. It makes my skin look hydrated and rejuvenated each morning post usage. Ever since I started using this cream, there has never been a day that my skin looked dry. It surely improved the moisture level of my skin, thus making the skin tone better. I feel it is worth spending on it as it works great and the quantity lasts for a long time too.I am happy to say that my skin feels fresh and is able to breathe each night, and that is all thanks to Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream.

Pros Of Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream:
  • The blue color packaging is attractive.
  • Mild fragrance which is apt for night cream.
  • Sufficient quantity which lasts for a long time.
  • Skin looks hydrated and rejuvenated.
  • Improves the moisture level of the skin.

Cons Of Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream:
  • The cream takes 2-3 minutes to get absorbed into the skin.
  • It turns greasy if it is not used in right quantity.
  • The tub packaging is unhygienic.

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Final Note:

I would surely recommend this night cream to everyone. It improves the look of your skin by increasing its moisture level. For people with dry skin, this night cream is surely a blessing. Go get it!


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  1. Lovely review. The product seems cool. But packaging looks a little messy.

    1. Yeah tub packaging is not good but the product is great !

  2. Nice reviews Lavs :) seems like a nice product except for the packaging.


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