10 Reasons Why Bike Riding Is Great For Our Health

You may have heard that cycling is good for us, but do you know why? This activity has many amazing benefits that we can all get in on. With...

You may have heard that cycling is good for us, but do you know why? This activity has many amazing benefits that we can all get in on. Without going on too much to start with, here are 10 reasons why riding a bike is great for our health.

1. You'll Get Better Quality Of Sleep

Riding a bike just every other day for around 20 minutes can improve your quality of sleep. It might make you pant and struggle to catch your breath in the short term, but soon afterwards you're sure to feel alert. That night, you can guarantee you get a good nights sleep! Not only is this due to the exercise, but the sunlight you've exposed yourself too - it helps our bodies to get rid of the stress hormone.

2. You'll Look Younger For Longer

Providing you protect your skin with an SPF before you head out on your bike, cycling regularly can keep us looking younger. Exercise helps to slow the signs of aging, while getting rid of harmful toxins in the body. Collagen production is increased, helping us to heal faster and reduce wrinkles too. Not only can you look younger, but more fashionable too. Bikes like these Shinola bicycles, for example, are trendy.

3. Improve Bowel Movement

Physical activity helps to keep our intestinal muscles healthy. This will improve bowel movement and prevents problems like constipation.

4. Keep Your Brain Strong

After going on a bike ride, people who were involved in studies showed that their brains performed 15% better in tests. Blood flow and oxygen is also increased to the brain, helping to ward off diseases like Alzheimer's.

5. Fight Off Illness

Cycling can help you to fight off infection. This has been proved in a study that compared those who cycled to work and those who drove. Those who cycled had less than half of the sick days as those who drove.

6. Live Longer

People who exercise regularly protect their bodies from many illnesses and disease, so it goes without saying that cycling can help us to live longer.

7. Improve Health

Our overall health and fitness levels are improved by riding a bike. It has a great effect on our body.

8. Lose Weight

Cycling regularly can help you to lose weight if you need to, or it can simply help you to manage and control your current weight.

9. Feel Happier

As exercise has been proved to increase the production of endorphins, our stress hormones are reduced. This helps us to feel happier in general and give us a great sense of well being!

10. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Spending quality time with your loved ones is another great way to increase your sense of overall well being. What could be better for us than spending time with the ones we love?

I hope I've convinced you to give bike riding a try!

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