DIY : Homemade Banana Facial Scrub

Hello all! Most women love trying new products and facial recipes for beautifying their skin and hair. We all love discussing and flaunting ...

Hello all! Most women love trying new products and facial recipes for beautifying their skin and hair. We all love discussing and flaunting things related to beauty and fashion. Even I belong to the same category. I love to try new facial DIY's and beauty products. Recently I tried making Banana Facial Scrub. at home and I would love to share my experience with you all. Fresh bananas are available in all the seasons. Now this fruit is not just to include in your fruit bowl but can also be used to perform few simple skin therapies by mingling with other ingredients. Read further for the easy and quick Banana Facial scrub.

Ingredients Required:
  • One ripened medium size banana
  • One spoon sugar
  • One spoon Honey

Preparation Time:

10 minutes

Method of Preparation:

Peel off the banana and smash it using fingers or you can even blend it. But if you blend the fruit completely, it oozes lot of water which makes it difficult to form a scrub. So it is ideal to smash it using your finger tips to produce a smooth paste. Collect it in a clean bowl.
To this smashed banana pulp, add a spoon of sugar and honey each.

Mix all the ingredients together. Make sure the sugar granules are bit dissolved and not too heavy as it might harm your skin while scrubbing.
Homemade Banana Facial Scrub is now ready to use.

How to use Homemade Banana Facial Scrub?

Rub your face gently with prepared scrub in upward and circular motion. Concentrate more on the areas of chin and nose which are usually blackhead prone. Follow this for about 10 minutes. Now wash out your face with warm water and pat to dry. Always remember not to press hard with a towel to dry as this makes your skin red and dry.

What are the benefits of Homemade Banana Facial Scrub?
  • Natural and can be prepared easily at home.
  • You have no fear of allergies and side effects.
  • Makes your skin fresh, glowing and gives you a relaxed feeling.
  • Helps you in removing blackheads and harsh dead skin.
  • Suitable for all seasons and all skin types.
  • The sweet fresh fruit is luscious and provides the best nourishment to your skin. It soothes your skin making it supple and soft. Also it provides a silky shine to your face.
  • The sugar granules help you in opening up the pores loosening the blackheads and soothing the dead skin. They act as a great exfoliation helping your skin breath healthy.
  • Honey moisturizes skin and provides wonderful hydration. When used regularly, honey helps in reducing of your facial hairs turning the color of your skin to gold.
  • This scrub can also be used at the joints of your hands and legs during your shower. This removes dead cells making the skin fair and soft.

Use this Fresh Fruit Banana Facial Scrub twice a week for effective results and look even more beautiful.

Contributed By: Meghana Acharya


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