Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black Review & Swatch

Hello girlies! Today I am reviewing Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black. Eyeliners and nail colors has been my weakness ever since I st...

Hello girlies! Today I am reviewing Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black. Eyeliners and nail colors has been my weakness ever since I started cosmetics shopping. Whenever I see an advertisement or a movie where the actresses wear colored eyeliners in a neat or smokey way, I become inquisitive about the product which must have been used to make those eyes look picture perfect. I have used Lakme products and they are usually good in quality. This one eyeliner works magically and transforms eyes into gorgeous assets.

About Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black:

Lakme Glide On Eye Color Pencil glides easily across your lash line, creating a flawless and perfect line in a single swipe. It is formulated with jojoba oil and Vitamin E that moisturise and nourish your skin. Its soft creamy texture easily blends on to your lash line without tugging or pulling and helps draw perfect lines. This waterproof eyeliner stays fresh for longer hours without smudging and fading. It is ophthalmologically tested and hence is safe to use.


275 INR for 1.2 gms

Shelf Life:

30 months

Directions For Use:

Holding the eye pencil vertically on your lash line, draw one stroke of line. Darken and thicken if required to get the desired look.

My Experience With Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black:

Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black comes in a black pencil with a cap protector. It is not exactly a pure pigment of black and has a greyish side with a metallic finish added to it. The pencil tip is soft which slides smoothly and easily on skin making no fuss. It can be smudged for a smokey look or can be drawn symmetrically. However, I find the tip of the pencil thick. The thickness of the pencil tip rules out a neat look. It is apt to create a sensuous look and can be used even if I am wearing any color dress.

The pencil has to be sharpened carefully or else the tip breaks off. The overall look created by this shade is nice but it can be smudged easily. The eyeliner is waterproof but not smudge proof and comes off easily if it is touched. Also, if you are looking for a dark black pigment, it can turn into a disappointment. I usually apply it over dark black eyeliner to give a mysterious look to my eyes.

I like the shade and it suits my skin tone and I am sure many will like this one. If not touched, this can stay for 4-5 hours on eyes. On waterline it may not stick for that long but surely it did not irritate my sensitive eyes. I have applied it on my waterline and above as well and created the below look. I have conducted the smudge test below and it did smudge and spread:

I have demonstrated a neat look and smudged look on my eyes which shows how it enhances the entire face giving a bold feel to the stature of appearance:

Pros Of Lakme Glide On Eye Color Metallic Black:
  • Many shades available to choose from
  • On the budget eyeliner list
  • Does not cause any irritation to sensitive eyes
  • Beautiful color and waterproof
  • Soft tip and glides smoothly on eyes
  • Creates accurate glitter look
  • Perfect for smokey look

Cons Of Lakme Glide On Eye Colour Metallic Black:
  • Not for people looking for dark black pigmentation
  • Not entirely smudge proof
  • Does not last long on waterline
  • Not suitable for a neat look
  • Nothing great about the pencil packaging

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you are an admirer of smokey effect on eyes and want to try a bold look, you will surely like this eyeliner. I like this shade very much and when used with a black eyeliner, it can create wonders.

Contributed By: Amrita Priyadarsini


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  1. You look wonderful Amrita...loved the smokey look you created with this eye color!

  2. Looking lovely Amrita..i dont like the glitters in it:(

    1. Thanks Divya . If you smudge it , then the glitters will enhance the look or else its not a neat look product due to the glitters ..

  3. Your eyes looks beautiful......!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely EOTD and FOTDs!!!! Pretty!


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