Jovees Neem Face Wash Review

Who doesn't love clear blemish free skin? But the major hindrance to this is acne and pimples which leave blemishes and spots on the fac...

Who doesn't love clear blemish free skin? But the major hindrance to this is acne and pimples which leave blemishes and spots on the face. As an adolescent and teenager, I never faced pimples and acne problem. I thought I was very lucky when I saw my friends discussing their acne problems. But when I stepped in my 20's, my body started behaving weirdly and I started having breakouts. Whenever I thought of visiting a dermatologist, my pimples started showing improvement and then I thought I should give myself some time. Meanwhile, I tried many cleansers, pimple creams and home remedies but still my skin hasn't stopped breaking out. So the other day when I accidentally left my Everyuth Face Wash at my cousins place, I got myself Jovees Neem Face Wash. Neem is known to be a miraculous plant as far as anti-bacterial properties are concerned. So, trying a neem face wash for my pimples was an obvious choice for me. Read on the whole review to know more about it.

About Jovees Neem Face Wash:

Medicinal properties of neem have been known to Indians since time immemorial. This unique face wash developed to help mitigate pimples, help prevent new ones from forming through its natural therapeutic properties. It shall also helps lift away impurities, dull surface cells and improve skin complexion.


135 INR for 120 ml

Shelf Life:

3 years

Active Ingredients:

Neem extract, Lemon extract, Tea tree extract and Rosemary oil.

Directions For Use:

Moisten face. Squeeze out a small amount on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well and pat dry.

My Experience With Jovees Neem Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a regular face wash type tube with a flip cap which is tight enough to prevent spillage. The body of the tube is not hard but rather soft and ensures that the product is easily squeezable.

The face wash is green in color and of gel like consistency. It has small, dark green beads which break when you lather the face wash and it forms foam. The face wash lathers very well. Only a pea sized amount is required to effectively wash off all the impurities and oil from the skin. The face wash smells of typical neem leaves. It has a herbal and refreshing fragrance.

Coming to the main part which is its performance, I am in love with this face wash. I had a big pimple on my face and with just 4 days of its usage the size reduced to nearly 50 percent. All the small pimples I had have almost disappeared. It cleans up the face very effectively. Moreover, unlike other neem face washes, this does not dry out my skin at all. It is very gentle on the skin. I hope with regular usage, this will help me get my pimple free skin back and prevent future breakouts.

Pros Of Jovees Neem Face Wash:
  • Simple yet sturdy packaging.
  • Affordable and easily available.
  • Does not dry the skin.
  • Lathers well and only a small drop is required.
  • Cleans up the face effectively.
  • Works on pimples very well and dries them out.

Cons Of Jovees Neem Face Wash:
  • Ingredient list is incomplete.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I highly recommend this face wash to all the girls who are in search of a good face wash. This face wash can fight pimples effectively without drying out the skin. It definitely works on the stubborn pimples with regular usage.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. Even I have a pimple now...I guess its time to use this :)

  2. Oh wow! So nice to see that such an affordable face wash does such an amazing job! :)

  3. I get pimples occasionally but I have blemish problem and I use jovees anti blemish face pack and cream for that... Nice review

  4. Its definitely worth a try has helped me a lot:)

  5. even I use this face wash.....its is the best face wash I have used so far.....however it didn't work that well on my pimples..still I love it as it has improved the texture of my skin.......

  6. I'm using this face wash for almost 2 years.. It suits my skin very well as I've very sensitive skin. I use lots of makeup products and I think only this face wash has the miracle power to protect me from those heavy chemicals. It prevents my acnes completely and gives me a healthy, supple skin.. A must buy product.. Love it..


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