Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach Review

I am not much of a bleach user. When I am totally tanned or if I feel my skin is looking dull, then only I rely on bleach. But I always make...

I am not much of a bleach user. When I am totally tanned or if I feel my skin is looking dull, then only I rely on bleach. But I always make sure I do not use bleach often. I usually use it once in 3-4 months as I am worried about the effects it has on skin. Fem happens to be quite famous brand when it comes to bleach. In fact, the first bleach I ever used was from Fem. Last time when I was shopping for bleach cream, I picked this up purely for review purpose as I never did a Fem bleach review on Diva Likes. So, let's head on to see how it fared.

About Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach:

New Fem Pearl & Milk lightens skin tone and removes sun tan to give pearl like healthy glow.
A question always arises in the minds of the first time users about how to use bleach safely. This is because they tend to get confused with the mixing ratio of the crème and activator powder. Understanding this problem, Fem introduces and innovative Fem SafeUse Spoon, a pre-measured spoon for both crème and activated powder. Fem SafeUse Spoon ensures a safe and convenient bleaching experience. With Fem Bleach, enjoy healthy fairness with care.


55 INR for 26.4 g

Ingredients List:

Key Ingredients:
Cream Bleach: Hydrogen Peroxide, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid
Powder Activator: Ammonium Bi-Carbonate

Directions For Use:

Mix the contents of crème and activator entirely for 6.6 gm and for other packs use Fem Safeuse Spoon. Take 1 big spoon of crème and 1 small spoon of activator and mix thoroughly.
Using a spatula apply the mixture on the area to be bleached. Avoid application of bleach around the eyes.
Do not keep the bleach for more than 15 minutes.
Mild irritation is normal while bleaching. However if it escalates, remove immediately.
Remove using cold water and pat dry.

My Experience With Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach:

As I said, I tried my first bleach in a parlor and it was Fem bleach. It worked decently then. Once I started using the bleach by myself, I was stuck to VLCC as it worked great for me. Now that I bought this, I was eager to see how it suits me now. I loved the packing of this bleach as there are two separate containers for bleach cream and activator powder which are again inside a pack. They have provided 2 spoons attached with each other, one for the bleach cream and one for the activator which is really good for beginners so that they don't get confused with the proportions.

Though the pack claims that it comes for 4 uses, it lasted me only for 3 uses. The bleach cream is super creamy in texture and white in color. The activator powder is blue in color and the packaging complements it well. On mixing both it turns into a light blue shade which is still creamy. It spreads easily on application unlike other bleaches because of its soft consistency. I didn't find using the spatula comfortable and hence used Vega brush for application. When I first applied it, it was quite strong for 5 minutes. I had more irritation than I ever experienced with any bleach. But that was all okay after 5 minutes. I really wished it had pre bleach or post bleach cream so that my skin can relax. But it didn't have either of them. I kept the bleach for 15 minutes and washed it off. It was easy to remove and doesn't require much water.

My skin tone ranges between fair and wheatish and this one says it works great for wheatish skin. I observed that my facial tan was subsided to certain extent but not completely. But it improved the look of my skin and made it bright. I expected it to work better than what it did. The claim of fairness is not true as it didn't work great with my tan and I can't think of fairness. I would say this is worth a try for beginners given the affordable price and measurement spoon it comes with. I would not purchase it again though.

Pros Of Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach:
  • Affordable and easily available
  • Comes with a safeuse spoon which makes it an ideal choice for beginners
  • The creamy bleach ensures easy application
  • Spreads easily on the skin and easy to remove too
  • Removes the tan to certain extent
  • Improvises dull looking skin

Cons Of Fem Pearl Fairness Crème Bleach:
  • The bleach causes more irritation than other bleaches I have used
  • There is no pre bleach or post bleach cream
  • Fairness claim is not true

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is an average bleach which I would not prefer using again. There are better bleaches in the market and I would love to try them than stick to this.


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  1. I have never used a bleach creme in my life. Thank you for the review. It was good to know about how they work :)

    1. You can use bleach once in a while to remove tan Naomi...do try!

  2. Try their Gold bleach Lavanya..its quite good..

    1. I am really thinking abt not to continue Fem now :)


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