Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette Review

Hola beauties! With monsoon mood slipping in here at Bangalore, it's triggering my imagination. Isn't the cool breeze lifting your m...

Hola beauties! With monsoon mood slipping in here at Bangalore, it's triggering my imagination. Isn't the cool breeze lifting your moods already? Well, so does beautiful fragrances. I am reviewing Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette today which I got as a gift from my sister-in-law. It was my wedding night and after getting ready and leaving for the mandap, I realized that I have missed using perfume. That's when my sister-in-law took out a new bottle of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, sprayed some on me and kept the bottle in my purse. The moment she did that, I could not help but notice the classy and attractive packaging it comes in. Was I smitten by the aroma of this perfume or shocked by the price when I saw it online? Read on to know about it.

About Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette:

White Diamonds was named Best Women's Fragrance and was inducted into the Fragrance Foundation's Hall of Fame in 2009. Elizabeth Taylor's forward-thinking sense of style and fashion make White Diamonds both a classic and contemporary perfume for women today. As she said in her own words, "Every woman, no matter how small it is, covets a diamond. If you have it as a perfume it's the same sense of sparkle and uplift. It's diamonds in a bottle". White Diamonds to represent the love she had for her gardens – Amazon Lily, Italian Neroli, Egyptian Tuberose, Narcisse, Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Italian Orris, Amber, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. The product name and bottle design, also art directed by Elizabeth Taylor, reflect the eternal connection between the legendary actress and her famous diamonds.


2385 INR for 50 ml

Ingredients List:

Fragrance Notes:
Top Note : Aldehydes, Orange, Amazon Lily, Neroli, Bergamot
Heart Note : Italian Orris Root, Carnation, Cinnamon, Egyptian Tuberose, Jasmine, Turkish Rose, Ylang Ylang, Narcissus
Base Note : Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss, Sandalwood

My Experience With Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette:

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette comes in a sleek transparent glass bottle with a gold cap and a design in silver. The cap slides and closes the perfume bottle and sits like a crown on it in a classic yet very stylish way. The content inside is golden giving a complete gold touch. I am not a big fan of perfumes as the quantity lasts too long and then I get bored of using them. Also, the good ones are too expensive to buy. However when I got this one from my sister-in-law, I was tempted to keep it just by looking at the classy bottle. The first time she used it on me, it was only tiny quantity but still the smell was quite strong. The aroma indicates strong Amber and Sandalwood usage in the perfume. For someone like me who loves fruity and floral smells this was like a pinch of strong spices mixed with oranges. Though I did not notice the strength of the fragrance on my wedding night, I did notice it later. The perfume sticks for a long time, almost till the garment is washed.

The fragrance indicates of an old english lady or a vintage watch my mom would wear. I tried to relate it to a thing but all my memory takes me after using is to old and english things. I did not like the smell of this perfume and it is mostly old lady like. On my way back to Bangalore, I used it during my flight journey and my husband almost got a head ache with its aroma. I have just kept it as a showpiece for now. May be after 20 more years I would think of using this kind of perfume.

Pros Of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette:
  • Classy see through packaging
  • Comes with a brand name of Elizabeth Taylor
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Pump dispenser
  • Ideal for gifting aged women

Cons Of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette:
  • Pricey
  • Too strong for sensitive noses
  • Most young women may not like it
  • Not liked by the younger male fraternity
  • Glass bottle may break

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you are somewhere between 20-35 and into fruity and floral smell, this perfume will be overbearing for you. But if you are into vintage perfumes and want to smell spicy and gold like, you may love it.

Contributed By: Amrita Priyadarsini


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  1. I loved the packaging but looks like the fragrance is a big turn off :(

  2. Sigh.. :( .. I wish it worked.. such a pricey thing to own n not use it..

  3. Oh, the fragrance is a turn off? Sigh! That is bad to hear :(
    Thanks Lavanya for reviewing so many fragrances for us.

    1. Pleasure is mine Naomi...but this one is all thanks to Amrita for letting us know!


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