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If you take a look at any Indian wedding or function, you will surely notice women clad in traditional Indian sarees of various kinds. No ma...

If you take a look at any Indian wedding or function, you will surely notice women clad in traditional Indian sarees of various kinds. No matter how much we move forward with trends and styles, we do stick to the traditional crafts preserving the richness of our Indian culture and heritage. This is evident when you take a close gaze at the attire of women in Indian festivals, marriages and gatherings. With the intent of reviving Indian ethnic fashion industry, presents an exclusive online shopping destination for traditional Indian sarees. One of its Directors, Mr.Ghanshyam Sarode is a textile designer with a difference; he creates contemporary fashion using intricate weaves, and allows his creations to be sold by boutiques. He is the most established designer in India in terms of infrastructure and distribution, having looms in A.P., Karnataka, U.P. and Maharashtra. The creations at include pure JariUppada sarees, brocaded Paithani sarees, cotton Jamdani sarees, finest Kalamkari sarees and dupattas, Ikat sarees, dupatta, garments and fabric, exclusive Khadi sarees, Venkatagiri cotton sarees, poly silk Kanchi sarees, natural dyed fabrics, organic cotton fabrics and hand knitted crochet.

Uppada sarees are very popular in India and people are quite fond of them. They originated from a tiny village named Uppada in Andhra Pradesh which later emerged into a new brand named "Uppada Sarees". The Uppada fabric is mesmerizing. The decorative patterns and different colors leave you staring at the particulars and amount of hard work put in to create it. These sarees hold a high status in the society and no wonder they are worn at all the major get-togethers.

Another variety of saree is the most celebrated textile Paithani which is named after Paithan region in Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand. These are considered as the richest sarees in Maharashtra and are made from fine silk. You have many varieties of Paithani sarees online like single colored, multi-colored, spotted designs, plain, peacock designs etc. Though we have many machines to create wonderful work, the beauty of Paithani sarees lies in the hand-made beauty of master craftsmen. has a great collection of the most royal and fashionable sarees in India – Banaras sarees. Anyone who wants to represent perfect Indian ethnic wear and bring out a traditional beauty, this is the saree to opt for. The richness of the fabrics, the excellent designs make these sarees a class apart from the rest.

Ikat sarees is a result of the creativity and perfection attained by the weavers. The designs and colors are bold and glamorous. The unique dye technique Ikat is the best in fabric designs. The word 'Ikat' means to tie and what makes this design stand out is it is created prior to the weaving. If you are looking for the best collection of Ikat sarees online, then you are at the right place.

In addition to the above variations of sarees, also has Khadi sarees, Gadwal sarees, Brocade Paithani sarees, dupattas and stolls. If you wish to have an enriching experience of textiles and fabrics, then choose any saree from their collection. The high quality and unmatched collection they offer makes unique online store for purchasing sarees. They deliver to all and any postal address around the world.
Indulge yourself in celebrating you by showcasing the rich Indian culture through your attire!


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