How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

There are some famous quotes like "The eyes shout what the lips fear to say" and "The eyes are the mirror of the soul"....

There are some famous quotes like "The eyes shout what the lips fear to say" and "The eyes are the mirror of the soul". These quotes articulate how expressive eyes can be. If today there is huge craze for eye cosmetics, it is only because everyone loves big beautiful eyes. Men find women with big eyes attractive and it is the dream of every woman to have big beautiful eyes. But not everyone is blessed with it. Nevertheless, you can make your eyes look bigger by following simple tips and tricks. These tips will help your eyes stand out and look bigger.

  • Always shape your eyebrows and remove any extra hair with tweezers. Fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and this helps to make your eyes look bigger.
  • Apply a highlighter for eyes to cover dark circles or puffy eyes. You can use white or light shadow in the middle of the brow bone which can make your eyes look bigger.
  • Take a white eye shadow and dab it in the inner edges of your eye. To make your eyes open up, use a very light colored liner on your waterline.
  • The best way to make your eyes look big is to use eyeliner. If you love using black eyeliner, use it for the upper eyelid. Create a dramatic winged eyeliner look which will make your eyes look wide.
  • When you apply eye shadow, apply light eye shadow over the lid and dark eye shadow over the outer part of the eye. It is advisable to use more than one color for your eye shadow which can make your eyes look big and beautiful at the same time.
  • Your eyes can look wonderful if you curl your eyelashes and then use appropriate mascara. If you are not satisfied with a single coat, you can apply another coat once the first one gets dried.
  • If you are not much of makeup person, then apply a dark lipstick and this can definitely help you. But do not forget to hide the imperfections around the eye with minimal touch-ups.
Last but not the least, have a good sleep daily which is the best remedy for any beauty problem.

Hope you will try out these tips and tricks which can help you make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Do share your views on the article and any tips which can help eyes look bigger.

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  1. I always think I have a comparatively small eyes - so all this tips are real handy :) - White Khol is best trick I use to make my eyes look bigger :)
    Thanks for sharing dear :) .. Lovely Post !

    1. Yeah I have seen you use white kohl many times in the pictures :)

  2. Nice post! Tricky eyeliner and white pencil at the inner corner helps a lot! :)

  3. Nice tips and beautiful compilation.


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