11 Different Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Have

Gone are the days when women used to maintain one or two handbags and carry it everywhere. Things have changed and various fashion trends ha...

Gone are the days when women used to maintain one or two handbags and carry it everywhere. Things have changed and various fashion trends have emerged. Handbag is not just a bag anymore; it is much more than that. An appropriate bag can make you look elegant and add to your overall personality. Designers have come up with different types of bags for multiple uses and occasions. One should pick up a bag which suits their personality best and which is apt for that particular instance. At some point in time, you may have seen someone with a fashionable handbag and loved it or perhaps you got a complement for yours. This tells you that handbag is definitely something which gets noticed by everyone. It is time we get into details about different types of bags every woman should have in her wardrobe. Let's have some fun knowing about the stylish and trendy bags.

Hand Bag:
Handbag is a medium to large bag which can hold all the items like wallet, comb, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile, pen etc. It is the finest option to carry anywhere when in doubt. Previously handbags were used for practical purposes but now they are quite good to fit into fashion.

Tote Bag:
Tote bag is a large bag which is often used by college going girls and working women. It is quite comfy to carry it as it has parallel handles from it sides. Not only that, but it has ample space for all your things.

Cross Shoulder Bag:
Cross Shoulder is the most chic and hip bag which every woman would love to have. When you don't want to hold anything in your hand but have things you are supposed to carry, cross shoulder bag acts as a savior.

Sling Bag:
A slim looking bag with a single strap which you can wear over your shoulder is a sling bag. If you have to walk around or drive a bike, you can carry it on your shoulder securely. Sling bags are also used for protecting cameras, tablets, iPod etc.

Sports Bag:
Call it a sports bag or gym bag; it is very important for all fitness freaks. It is one bag where you can put all your necessary items when you go to gym or play a game.

If you are going for a long weekend trip, hiking, long distance trips etc. you may have to carry some heavy luggage or even basic items like water, food, clothes etc. Backpack is a proper fit for all of it. There used to be unisex backpacks before but now exclusive women backpacks have come up.

Shopping Bag:
Women love shopping, be it a hairpin or a necklace. It is something we do often, don't we? When you go for shopping, it is ideal to carry a shopping bag to fill in all the things you shop. Various Shopping bags are now available with lovely themes which can make you look chic and fashionable.

Beach Bag:
Beach bag is a bag which we can carry for any beach outing. It is supposed to be sturdy and durable so that you can dump your swimwear, flip-flops, hat, books, magazines etc. These bags are perfect to carry around in a beach.

Every woman needs a wallet to carry cash, credit cards, business cards etc. It is also quite handy when you have to go to nearby places and grab something quickly. You can either have a heavy or slim wallet based on your requirements. There are many trendy and designer wallets available in the market.

A clutch is a classy purse with no straps and can be carried in the hand. Though it cannot carry many items, you can have your basic things like credit card, driver's license, visiting cards etc. comfortably. There are many shapes and varieties of clutches in the market and it is quite difficult to choose one from the so many wonderful options.

Potli bags are quite famous in India and go a long way back. It is made up of satin, velvet or silk cloth and is fixed with a drawstring which is used for opening and closing the bag. Potli is used mainly in Indian functions and weddings as it goes very well with ethnic wear. These bags are decorated with jewels, stones, gems etc. and strike the perfect style.

What are your favorite bags among the ones you own? Do let us know!

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