How To Look Pretty In Glasses

I still remember the days in school when I couldn't see the blackboard clearly and that is when I realized I had sight issues. Yes, I wa...

I still remember the days in school when I couldn't see the blackboard clearly and that is when I realized I had sight issues. Yes, I was the one from the last benches! I tried my best to hide it from my parents because I dreaded I would get glasses. But they did find out very soon, all thanks to my school friends. When I visited the doctor, he told me I had short sight and I have to wear glasses all the time else my vision would worsen. I always had this feeling that glasses make people look ugly and I definitely didn't want to be one. If you watch any movie, geeks are always the one with glasses. Though I was a good student, I didn't want to be categorized into it. I had too many problems with glasses back then! Sad, isn't it? But today, I use both contact lenses and glasses without any issues. Now that I did my own experiments with frames and makeup, I am pretty satisfied with glasses. I can now say it is not a big deal to look pretty in glasses. Want to know how? The points below are definitely going to help you.

  • Select the glass frame which suits your face cut. There are different types of frames like rectangular, round, square etc. The color of the glass frame is also important and you should choose the one you look best in. Try all kinds of glass frames and make your decision wisely.

  • Shape your eyebrows perfectly and fill any gaps with eyebrow pencil. This will give you a nice look.

  • When you are wearing glasses, it is very important to take care of dark circles, under eye wrinkles and any dark spots on face. Glasses highlight all these. Hence, it is suggested to use an appropriate foundation for the face and concealer for dark circles and wrinkles.

  • Use an eye shadow for your eyes and choose the color opposite to that of your frame. Apply eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes. This will help to pop your eyes.

  • Apply blush to your cheeks and this will help your face glow. This will surely bring in a lot of difference to your looks. Always use bold lipstick when wearing glasses. This will make many heads turn as it adds a lot to your beauty.

  • Last but not the least, select right hair style which suits you to complement your style of glasses.

Hope these tips are helpful for all the beautiful ladies with glasses. Do share your views with us!

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  1. I need this as I use glasses at home!!! :) Nice post dear! <3

    1. Thanks Niesha...even I use glasses at home :)

  2. I loved this compilation and loved Kajol's style <3

    1. Kajol is my fav. She is totally chilled out when it comes to public appearances!

  3. great tips n deepika looks pretty <3

    1. Thanks dear...yeah she carries glasses very well!

  4. very useful.. even I feel that with glasses you need to look very neat and presentable all the time.


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