VLCC Professional Salon Series Silver Detoxifying Facial Kit Review

I have been away for long and missed interacting with you guys. But the best part is I am back now and will make sure not to take such long ...

I have been away for long and missed interacting with you guys. But the best part is I am back now and will make sure not to take such long breaks again. I have lots of beauty reviews awaiting which I want to share with you all.
I have always preferred VLCC when it comes to home facials. Their facials are priced reasonably, suit my skin and the instructions are pretty simple to follow. I love these salon series as they last for a long time. This time I tried Silver Detoxifying Facial from the salon series and here I am with my experience.

About VLCC Professional Salon Series Silver Detoxifying Facial Kit:

VLCC Silver Detoxifying Facial treatment detoxifies and purifies the skin tissues and restores the natural balance of the skin to keep it healthy.
Each Kit Contains:
6 VLCC Silver Facial Master Sachets
Each VLCC Siver Facial Master Sachet contains:
VLCC Silver Glow Scrub 10 g * 1
VLCC Silver Glow Gel 10 g * 1
VLCC Silver Gold Cream 10 g * 1
VLCC Silver Glow Pack 10 g * 1
Phases Of Treatment:
Dead Cell Removal/Deep Cleansing: VLCC Silver Glow Scrub enriched with Silver Powder & Wintercherry Extracts is a powerful antiseptic, healing and soothing scrub. It rapidly removes dead skin cells, accumulated impurities and clears the skin pores.
Moisturising: VLCC Silver Glow Gel with the goodness of Wheat germ Oil and Sandalwood Extract works to restore the skin PH balance and prevent the formation of blackheads.
Rejuvenation/Revitalize: VLCC Silver Glow Cream enriched with Liquorice Extracts and Silver Powder fights against unhealthy skin dullness and provides intense nourishment, giving it a new energy level.
Brightening: VLCC Silver Glow Pack, enriched with regulating agents like Orange, Lemon Peel and Mulethi Extracts consistently maintains the optimum moisture level. It absorbs and removes all impurities, refines the pores, and evens out the skin colour and tone.
This treatment is recommended once a week.


Rs.795/- (For 6 facial sessions)

Directions For Use:

VLCC Silver Glow Scrub:

Take an appropriate amount of VLCC Silver Glow Scrub and apply evenly on clean, wet face. When it begins to dry, apply water and use firmator for 3-5 minutes. Wipe off with moist cotton.

VLCC Silver Glow Gel:

Give steam or hot towel therapy and remove blackheads if required. Then give cold compression with gauze or cotton strips soaked in VLCC Rosewater. Apply VLCC Silver Glow Gel all over face and neck. Gently massage the gel in upward and outward strokes till it gets absorbed. Reapply the gel and induct with Ultrasonic for 5 minutes, if available.

VLCC Silver Glow Cream:

Apply VLCC Silver Glow Cream all over the face and neck, massage for 15-20 minutes in upward and outward strokes. Then remove with a moist cotton.

VLCC Silver Glow Pack:

Apply VLCC Silver Glow Pack over the face and neck area with the fingertips. Avoid the eye area and let it dry. Dampen, and then wipe off with moist cotton. Complete the facial by using VLCC Moisturiser followed by VLCC Sunscreen according to the skin type.

Active Ingredients:

VLCC Silver Glow Scrub: Aloevera Extract, Sandalwood Powder, Wheatgerm Oil, Wintercherry Powder, Silver Powder, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Titanium Dioxide, Dimethicone, Triclosan, Tocopheryl Acetate.
VLCC Silver Glow Gel: Wintercherry Extract, Bergamot Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Sandalwood Extract, Silver Leaf, Allantoin, Titanium Dioxide, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate.
VLCC Silver Glow Cream: Wintercherry Extract, Sandalwood Extract, Liquorice Extract, Bergamot Oil, Silver Powder, Dimethicone, Starch, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.
VLCC Silver Glow Pack: Wintercherry Powder, Aloevera Extract, Orange-Peel Extract, Lemon-Peel Extract, Mulethi Extract, Silver Powder, Alantoin, Triclosan, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Dimethicone.

My Experience With VLCC Professional Salon Series Silver Detoxifying Facial Kit:

I have previously used VLCC Gold Facial and it had 4 steps to complete the facial. Even the Silver Facial has 4 simple steps and the 4 sachets include VLCC Silver Glow Scrub, VLCC Silver Glow Gel, VLCC Silver Glow Cream and VLCC Silver Glow Pack.
VLCC Silver Glow Scrub looks like a transparent gel with silver granules in it. I applied it on wet face and massaged it for 3-5 mins. I did not use a firmator. The granules did not hurt at all. The massage was totally smooth as the texture of the scrub was more like a gel. The scrubbing was good as it removed the dead cells and impurities.

Before using the VLCC Silver Glow Gel, I used steam therapy and removed the black heads. The glow gel is soft with some shiny silver color particles in it. I had a soothing sensation on my face after removing the blackheads.

VLCC Silver Glow Cream is quite thick to massage it on the skin. I had to dilute it a bit using icecubes and then it was easy to massage on the skin. It got absorbed in the skin and the massage gave a good feel. The skin looked better post massage. It removed dullness of the face and gave it a new look.

Finally the VLCC Silver Glow Pack is a white pack with a pleasant smell. This pack has the goodness of Orange, Lemon Peel and Mulethi Extracts. The pack becomes tight on the face once it gets dry. After the pack is removed, it made my skin smooth and soft.

Overall, this facial removes impurities making skin clean and soft. But it does not add much glow to the skin compared to other VLCC facials. I will finish these facials and try some other facial rather than repeating this one.

Pros Of VLCC Professional Salon Series Skin Tightening Facial Kit:
  • Each sachet has enough quantity to last for 2 facials
  • Instructions are simple and easy to follow
  • Reasonably priced with travel-friendly packing
  • Cleans the skin removing impurities

Cons Of VLCC Professional Salon Series Skin Tightening Facial Kit:
  • The facial does not provide much glow to the skin

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This facial has nothing much to offer except that it cleans the skin removing impurities. I couldn't notice much glow and once I complete using this kit I don't think I will buy it again.


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