Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Eyes In Sea Green Review & Swatch

I went to the market recently to buy Faces colorful eye pencils and got to know that the prices are hiked. Now they are priced at Rs.350/- w...

I went to the market recently to buy Faces colorful eye pencils and got to know that the prices are hiked. Now they are priced at Rs.350/- which is very high. I don't know why brands are hiking prices like crazy. I didn't want to spend 350 bucks on a drugstore brand and thus told the SA to show me some reasonable eye pencils. Then she swatched Miss Claire Glimmersticks Eye Pencil on my hands. I loved the shade but it wasn't smudge proof. Still I purchased it because it was dirt cheap and I fell in love with the shade.



Shelf Life:

3 years


Not mentioned

My Experience With Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Eyes In Sea Green:

This eye pencil comes in long green pencil form and it has a silver cap on top. The size is huge and thus one pencil will last for long. The packaging is travel friendly and hygienic too unlike those retractable pencils. The shade is dark green which is very pretty but it has slight shimmers in it. I think it was not needed at all because the color itself has sheen. Some of you might not like the shimmers but they are not OTT so I don't bother. The texture is creamy and it glides smoothly on lids. You can also apply it on waterline as it doesn't irritate eyes at all. The eye pencil is not smudge proof and thus it is not for people who keep touching their eyes every now and then because you might spoil it.

I apply it in the morning around 9 am and it stays on my eyelids till 4 pm which is really commendable. It is also water resistant which is necessary for me as I wash my face 3-4 times with plain water. It doesn't fade on splashing water and stays. The shade is decently pigmented and two-three swipes give you a nice intense dark green shade which is going to stay for long. Ingredient list is not mentioned on the packaging and that is why I don't use it on my waterline. Overall, I think it is a really good pencil especially at this price tag. I only wish that it was smudge proof.

Pros Of Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Eyes In Sea Green:
  • Affordable and travel friendly packaging
  • Long pencil which is going to last for long
  • Pretty green shade with slight shimmers which doesn't look OTT
  • Water proof with creamy texture which glides easily on lids
  • Stays for 6 hours on my oily lids
  • Available in many different shades
  • Doesn't sting at all
  • Decently pigmented
  • Available at local stores easily

Cons Of Miss Claire Glimmersticks For Eyes In Sea Green:
  • Ingredients list is not mentioned
  • Doesn't stay on waterline
  • Not smudge proof

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Final Note:

The eye pencil is waterproof but not smudge proof still it stays for good 5-6 hours when left untouched, so if you are someone who can keep hands away from eyes then this eye pencil from Miss Claire is for you. I am in love with it and thinking for purchasing other shades too.

Contributed By: Mansi


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  1. I always prefer smudge proof ones...will skip this. Nice review Mansi :)

    1. Same here lavanya.. but it's dirt cheap :P :P
      and thank you :*

  2. I might skip this as smudged eyeliner is one of my biggest makeup fear!
    Nice review :)

  3. Nice Review I love Miss claire products :)

  4. Same here... they are cheap and of good quality :)

  5. I got their lip pencil recently which was very good! :)

  6. i have so many of these... they are good for the price.. cnt expect a lot :D


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