Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack Review

I am going on a beach vacation next month and I am super excited about it. In a beach holiday, if you keep the fun part aside, you can expec...

I am going on a beach vacation next month and I am super excited about it. In a beach holiday, if you keep the fun part aside, you can expect lot of tanning and sun burns. So, I am planning to take my own precautions and carry a good water-resistant sun screen with minimum SPF 30 and apply it more often. Those who love spending time in the beach must cleanse and exfoliate their skin. After exfoliating your face it is important to put a face pack to minimize your skin pores. In the process of searching anti-tan face packs, I came across Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack and found it really interesting. What attracted me the most is it is rose face pack and I couldn't resist myself from trying it.

About Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack:

Fuller's earth enhanced with skin lightening beauty herbs helps tone, texturise and rejuvenate the skin by maintaining skin elasticity. While Liquorice inhibits the melanin synthesis and soothes chronic inflammations and redness, Holy Basil and Rose protect from the effects of photo ageing due to their radiation protective properties. This pack effectively reduces skin darkening, protects from sun burn and other sun induced skin damage making the skin fairer with a petal soft perfection.


Rs.295/- for 150 gms

Shelf Life:

3 years(Use within 6 months once the jar is opened)




Indian rose 5%, Indian ginseng*(Withania Somnifera) 1%, liquorice(Glycirrhyza glabra) 1%, Honey 2%, Holy Basil 2%, Natrium boricum 1%, Rose hydrosol, Aqua, Aloevera leaf juice*,Vegetable glycerine*, Bentonite clay, Indian Volcanic clay, Disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Natural preservative (Herbs-Essential oil complex), Fragrance.* Certified Organic Ingredients

Direction For Use:

Cleanse skin with cotton wool dipped in raw milk. Apply on face and neck for 20- 25 minutes. When dry, wash with lukewarm water while massaging with wet finger tips followed by a cold splash. Pat dry and apply JH Cascade Day Care Lotion to moisturize. For extra dry skin, add little milk cream and honey.
For best results, give a short massage with any of JH creams/gels suitable to your skin type before the pack.

My Experience With Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack:

Anti-tan rose face pack is the first product I tried from Just Herbs. This face pack comes in a transparent plastic tub with a screw lid of golden colour. Because the tub is made of plastic, it is light weight and easy to carry even in your handbag. The moment you open the tub, you will get pleasant smell of fresh roses and I fell in love with this fragrance.

The face pack is made up of Fuller Earth(Multani Mitti) and as you can see the consistency of the face pack looks thick in the picture but it is not that thick. It will glide smoothly on your face. The face pack gives a cooling effect as soon as you apply because it is made up of Fuller Earth. I felt little bit of itchiness on the edge of my nose but it didn't cause any harm or redness on my face. The pack will dry in 10-15 mins. After using this face pack nearly 4-5 times I can say that it doesn't make the skin dry at all. It brightened up my skin immediately, making it soft and supple. Regular usage of this face pack gave an even skin tone and removed the tan gradually.

I am surely going to use it on a regular basis during and after my beach vacation. You can try this yourself and you will agree that it is one of the best anti tan face packs.

Pros Of Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack:
  • No parabens and 100% chemical free
  • Travel friendly pack
  • Pleasant fragrance of roses
  • Easily glides on your face
  • Removes the tan and makes the skin glow
  • Doesn't make skin dry
  • Makes the skin soft and supple

Cons Of Just Herbs Petalsoft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack:
  • Tub packaging (To avoid hygiene problems, take small amount of face pack in a clean bowl with a help of spatula or spoon)
  • Little bit of itchiness around the nose when applied
  • Consume the product within 6 months once opened

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Final Note:

I will definitely recommend this product as it is one of the best anti tan face packs I ever used. It also helps your skin to glow and you will enjoy the rose fragrance surely.

Contributed By: Shruti


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  1. Seems a very good herbal face pack Nice clicks and review Lavanya :D

    1. Yeah it looks like a good product...and clicks credit goes to shruti :)

  2. Never tried Just-herbs but tjhis one looks really effective.. :)

  3. Nice review dear :) .. Looks a good product - worthy of a shot ;)

    1. I havent used much of Just Herbs...I so want to try more now :)

  4. Sounds great product lavanya...nice review

  5. Hi there
    We're delighted to know that you liked Petalsoft!
    It is on of our bestsellers.The itchiness you noticed is the active herbs acting on your skin trying to improve the blood circulation and is perfectly normal.

    Do leave us a line about how to liked Petalsoft on twitter @justherbsindia

    You can also get a bespoke product recommendation by clicking on this link: http://goo.gl/o8eETh

    1. Thank you Team Just Herbs for the clarification. We shall get back to you on twitter :)

  6. nice review...following you on your facebook page and thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. @ Just Herb ... That itchiness didn't cause any harm on my skin ...
    In fact after using it I got instant glow on my face.... Loving the product :)

  8. Detailed review. product seems worth giving a shot

  9. Is thz product's effect is long lasting lavanya ji

    1. It will be there for few days but not too long. You can anywys use this pack regularly no harm in that :)


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