Natural Ways To Remove BlackHeads At Home

A blackhead is a small bump on the skin which may be yellow or black in color and is usually found on the face. Blackheads are caused when e...

A blackhead is a small bump on the skin which may be yellow or black in color and is usually found on the face. Blackheads are caused when excess oil and impurities are collected on the skin pores. Mostly, it is visible on the nose and chin areas.

Instead of going through a painful removal using a blackhead remover, let’s first try out the natural ways to remove blackheads at home easily without any pain.
You heard it right! No pain and only gain!
Here you go!

Take warm honey and apply it on the areas with black heads. Wash off after 15-20 minutes. This helps in removal of blackheads.

A small piece of grated raw potato can be rubbed on the black head which will help in its removal.

Apply cucumber paste and wash off once it is dried. This adds on to black head removal.

Turmeric powder mixed in rose water can be used as a face pack. This is effective in removing black heads.

Just before shower, apply a natural scrub and rub it on the affected areas gently. Wash it off and go ahead with your shower. This will open up your pores. Take a warm cloth and clean the black head area which will help in easy removal of black heads. Do this often to see best results.

Steam your face using a facial steamer for 5-10 minutes. If you do not have a steamer, boil the water till the vapor comes and take the steam. This softens the content of the blackheads. Take a tissue paper and wrap it properly around your forefinger. Apply gentle pressure by pressing on the blackhead and this should be able to remove the blackhead out.
Make sure you do not overdo it as it might lead to pain. Also, never use your finger directly to press the blackhead as it is not hygienic to do so.

These are the few remedies I personally follow at home which helped me in blackhead removal.
Please do share the remedies you follow for blackhead removal.

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  1. very helpful post,will try myself 1-2 of this.

  2. nice post lav
    all d methods posted r really efficient and helpful

  3. Very informative post dear !!!! Scrubbing is the best option .....
    And what a comeback with a bang ??? Love your articles :-)

  4. Hi Lavi .....I prefer to do scrubbing, it not only helps in removing blackheads it also removes dead skin as well....
    After scrubbing I feel so refresh and feel like having a new skin !!!!!

  5. i will try the methods for sure....very useful post


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