Jovees Skin Toner - Cucumber Review

I have always been skeptical about trying out different brands as I was worried if it would suit my skin or not. Nevertheless, now that I am...

I have always been skeptical about trying out different brands as I was worried if it would suit my skin or not. Nevertheless, now that I am all for experimenting I have shopped for Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber mainly because it has Cucumber in it. As we all know, cucumber is good for skin. As and when I get time, I have tried cucumber face packs at home and it always works great for me. So, I was tempted to buy this toner even though I had a normal to dry skin. Do read ahead to know if my choice of skin toner was good or bad.

About Jovees Skin Toner - Cucumber:

An exclusively well-formulated skin toner for oily skin that provides a more thorough cleansing than cleanser alone, it helps to remove excessive oil, dirt, tightens the pores, restore skins natural pH, provides radiance and leaves skin revitalized.


Rs.170/- for 200 ml


Method Of Use:

Clean face preferably with Jovees Tea Tree Face Wash and pat dry. Spray sufficient quantity on cotton balls and dab on face and neck. Use twice daily.

Active Ingredients:

Cucumber Extract, Sage, Aloe Vera, Chamomile

My Experience With Jovees Skin Toner - Cucumber:

I wanted to buy the toner while I was shopping for few beauty products as the look of the product was quite appealing. I was expecting a lot from it given the name cucumber. The packing is something which I am in love with as I always loved spray bottles. They are pretty easy to maintain. It has a nozzle and we can pour in required amount of toner for our use.

When I applied it for the first time, I realized that it is foamy and sticky. This is one quality I would not prefer in my skin toner. I was definitely disappointed with this.

On application, it took time to absorb. I did not like the smell at all. I cannot describe its smell as it did smell slightly like cucumber but on the whole it was bad. I did apply the toner religiously for a week and I can say it helps in making the skin smooth. But comparatively, I had many not-so-good points which made this product a dud for me.

Pros Of Jovees Skin Toner - Cucumber:
  • I love the packing as it is easy to use.
  • It makes the skin smooth on regular usage.
  • This product has Cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts which are really good for skin.
  • It gives a cool feeling on application.

Cons Of Jovees Skin Toner - Cucumber:
  • The toner does have a lot of foam in it which I did not like.
  • It definitely does not provide any radiance as it claims to.
  • It is slightly sticky when applied and takes time to absorb.
  • The smell is not good. I expected a pleasant smell but Alas!
  • The ingredients list looks incomplete. So I doubt if any artificial products are used to get the green color.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I would not recommend this toner as there are many other toners available in the market which are far better than this.

Which skin toner do you use? Have you tried Jovees Skin Toner?


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  1. excellent review lavanya very honest
    i like your rating

  2. Excellent review Lavs ..... Although the product got 2.5 rating but I liked the colour of the toner !!!
    I use only Amway or The Body Shop Toner :-) Tried Fab India too ..Its ok :-)

  3. Yeah Shruti...even I was tempted to buy coz of the color. But it didnt meet my expectations :(

  4. Your reviews helped me not to go for this one :-)


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