SHAVE OR CRAVE - Blogadda Contest Entry

Away from the normal posts, today I am presenting my entry to the BlogAdda contest Shave or Crave. Go ahead and read. This is a write-u...

Away from the normal posts, today I am presenting my entry to the BlogAdda contest Shave or Crave. Go ahead and read.

This is a write-up about moments from HE and SHE’s life. HE is the guy and SHE is the girl who are in a relationship.

HE has always been this guy who prefers to have a macho look and thinks that comes only with the stubble. SHE has always loved him the way he is! But there were certain times where in SHE needed to alter HE in accordance to the situation. All this SHE did without HE realizing that he has to change himself for SHE. Check out a few incidents by yourself.

Occasion 1:
SHE: Dear, time has come to discuss about our relationship with my parents. My parents have invited you for lunch tomorrow at my place. I am very worried.
HE: Don’t worry darling, they are going to accept me surely when they get to know how much I love you. I will make it happen, my love.
SHE (things going on in SHE's mind): Mom doesn’t like rugged look. She thinks the guy who has stubble is the one who had a love failure. She dislikes guys who possess that. If she rejects right away what to do? Oops, dad thinks the guys who do not shave regularly are the ones who are lazy. He hates it if someone is not groomed well. And HE thinks I should accept him the way he is with the stubble. What do I do now? How to make things work?
SHE: You know what? I have been thinking of this for a while now! I always denied you from coming close to me even for a peck. But today, if my parents are positive about our relationship, I am gonna rub my cheek with yours and allow you for a peck. I did plan a wonderful dinner for the two of us tomorrow. If the lunch goes successful, you can have a close look at my soft red cheeks. Of course, I do not deny you have great cheeks as well but I can’t see it the way you can see mine and all this is due to your stubble. Anyways, I love you for what you are dear! Can’t wait for tomorrow
HE: Wow! This is gonna be the moment then. You know how much have I been waiting for our first kiss. And sweetheart, tomorrow it’s gonna be only you and me, there’s not gonna be any stubble between. Even I want to know whose cheeks are softer!

That is how SHE got HE shave his stubble that day and the problem was solved. HE did look great that day!

Occasion 2:

SHE (things going on SHE's mind): I am so happy that mom and dad agreed for our marriage. Now it’s time to introduce HE to my friends. What do I do?
SHE: Dear, I have planned for a party this weekend so that you can meet up all my friends.
HE: Sure, I would love to. Who all you are inviting?
SHE: Shanaya, Rishi, Ritwik, Swathi, Mithun, Deepika, Sana and Vishal. I have thought of these guys as of now.
HE: Oh! Between, if I am not wrong Ritwik is the one who proposed you in college, right?
SHE: Yeah, he is the one! You do have good memory, huh. You indeed remember things I told you. I am impressed.
HE: How can I not? It’s you everywhere around for me!
SHE: By the way, do you know all the girls in my group are mad about Ritwik. They think he is the hottest hunk ever. They crave about his cute looks as they all do not like guys who are rugged enough and have stubble. In a way that is also true, girls are impressed with guys who do not have stubble.
And that was it! The weekend party was fun and you know what? SHE's trick worked, HE came clean-shaved and yes everyone did crave for him too! The jealousy factor does work indeed.

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